Apr 21, 2016

What We Need To Know To Take Down "Crooked Hillary" - Pointers, Tactics etc. Part 3 (Defending From The Army's 'We Won't Follow Unconstitutional Orders From Trump' Thing)

Defending Trump: Answering the charge against that 'the Army said they would not obey Unconstitutional order' from Donald Trump'.

Reply: Good. That's a step forward because they were following unconstitutional orders from the Political Establishment from Obama, to Hillary, to Bush/Cheney /Kissenger. Maybe now we can have a Constitutionally aware Government AND Military ... and not yes men who think nothing about what they are doing before they do it as long as it's the CRAZY political establishment.

The argument goes something like this:

Always remember: Some Army people ACTUALLY said they would not obey unconstitutional orders from Donald Trump . That's a step forward.

They certainly had no problem obeying unconstitutional orders from Hillary or Bush/Cheney/Kissinger. 

Or even Reagan! …

For whom they left us nothing but words! Thanks guys!


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