Apr 21, 2016

What We Need To Know To Take Down "Crooked Hillary" - Pointers, Tactics etc. Part 2 (Voter Disenfranchisement & Jefferson's Inheritance Warning)

The "stacking the deck" in the Democrat primaries that echoes fear of a Monarchy like political dynasty that worried the Founding Father Thomas Jefferson himself;

The strategy is basically this;

You know, when you realize the establishment "stacked the deck" in the democratic primary, & the establishment ARE the Clinton's...

... you begin to realize what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said;

Explanations that will work with "liberals:

The Clinton's (Democrat Establishment) "Stacked The Deck" against ANY challengers in the Democratic Primary. They benefited from voter fraud by creating a 'party only' election system in key States (machine dominated nonetheless!)... using a GOP Establishment Republican style voters disenfranchisement plan!


New Story: How NY primary rules could impact outcome - MSNBC's Tony Dokoupil discusses how New York's strict voting rules are impacting constituents.

Simply put, only long term establishment politics followers are allowed to vote. Anyone who wants to vote cause 'this is America and everyone gets to vote' will simply be disappointment. There is a hierarchy of 'time gives you the right to vote' and bowing to the establishment that you must accomplish first...

Joe: NY is a magical place for the Clintons - Hillary Clinton took home a big victory in New York on Tuesday, with 57 percent of the vote and 139 delegates. Bernie Sanders trailed with 42 percent of the vote and 106 delegates. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

Trump 2016?

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