Apr 13, 2016

The Daily News Has Committed Treason Against New York & America By Covering Up Essential Information From It's Readers!

Background for the following proofs:1.Economist Robert Reich Calls The GOP's Economic & Political Tactics TREASON
2.A Summary Of The Corporate Media's Iraq War Treason Towards The People Of The United States Of America

This was the ORIGINAL cover New York Daily News had planned but they didn't publish it (we all know this is what generates conversation & nothing else , right?)... 

The original cover would have provided essential information to New Yorkers about Hillary that she is desperately hiding something the way Mitt Romney hid his taxes in 2012. Here is the cover that was dropped in full from Daily News;

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Instead they went with a cover mocking a guy married to a black woman for cracking a black people joke, i.e. something that couldn't possibly harm Hillary and would probably help spread the idea that she's cool (& then endorsed Hillary Clinton PROVING they knew before hand this was a bullsh*it cover)

That cover was so easy to take down that it created no controversy whatsoever; 

Even daily news said it "They're not funny people!" i.e. no controversy whatsoever (even implied they are "politicians" not, comedians so we have to take them as they are).

i.e. the daily news did a hit job on Bernie Sanders and a fluff job on Hillary Clinton to boost her polls. Why? Because they were about to endorse her (decided a day ago apparently... a couple of hours after deciding on the Wall Street cover... interesting, no?) 

As discussed in the links in the background at the start of this post... that is TREASON.


So, why did the Dialy News betray New Yorkers & America? Turns out the owner is a contributor to Hillary Clinton! Turns out I found a lead on twitter...


I countered most of the arguments in the following posts:

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What else do we know? Wall Street is powerful. So powerful they can silence all media to win an election. Here's what I have about this Wall Street Mafia on this blog;

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