Apr 11, 2016

Stephen Colbert Demonstrates How Super Pacs Co-Ordinate With Candidates & Rake In Easy Money To Use For ANYTHING By Forming The "Colbert Super Pac"

Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart demonstrate how Super Pacs rake in easy money & co-ordinate with thier candidates, legally... and how to keep the money and spend it on ANYTHING! (This is a PeaBody Award Winning expose of how this creepy "Super Pac" system works). The whole adventure is on this one page from the formation of the Colbert Super Pac to finding out the sneaky stuff that is done without people knowing what is going on;

STEPHEN FILES SUPER PAC REQUEST 05/16/11 - Stephen addresses 500 white people on the steps of the FEC after dropping off his legal request to form a super PAC. (7:24)

CORP CONSTITUENCY 05/11/11 - Stephen wants to know why Viacom won't let him talk about his Super PAC when Karl Rove and Dick Morris can do it on Fox News. (4:20)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - I CAN HAZ SUPER PAC! 06/30/11 - After a lengthy hearing, heavily peppered with arcane bureaucratic jargon, the FEC allows Stephen to form his Super PAC. (4:06)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - PUSHING THE LIMITS 07/11/11 - The Colbert Super PAC and “Transformers” have a lot in common: both can rake in millions of dollars for no reason. (3:17)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - FOR THE CHILDREN 07/28/11 - Little Charlie and Grace's mom won't let them have a Colbert Super PAC lemonade stand until Stephen can tell them what his Super PAC stands for. (3:30)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE HEROES RESPOND 08/04/11 - Stephen calls on the Colbert Nation to send in more suggestions for the direction of his Super PAC, in addition to more money. (4:21)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - RICK PARRY WITH AN "A" FOR AMERICA 08/11/11 - The Palin bus arrives in Iowa, and Stephen reveals an ear-sizzling hot-buttered Colbert Super PAC ad that appeals to Iowa's basest kernel instinct. (5:14)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - TREVOR POTTER & STEPHEN'S SHELL CORPORATION0 9/29/11 - Trevor Potter helps Stephen create his own shell corporation so that he can obtain secret donations for his Super PAC. (4:43)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - HAM ROVE'S SECRETS 09/29/11 - Stephen thanks some of the more diverse heroes and turns to Ham Rove for the scoop on American Crossroads' drastically improved fundraising strategy. (5:06)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE" 10/24/11 - Little Charlie and Grace can start their Colbert Super PAC lemonade stand now that Stephen knows what his super PAC stands for. (2:26)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - "CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE" - FRANK LUNTZ 10/24/11 - Frank Luntz helps Stephen make the idea that corporations are people appealing to Americans. (5:44)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - COORDINATION RESOLUTION WITH JON STEWART 01/12/12 - Trevor Potter and Jon Stewart give new life to the Colbert Super PAC, and Stephen makes a major announcement. (7:36)

In the following video Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert expose the sneaky way candidates can coordinate with thier superpacs;

COLBERT SUPER PAC - NOT COORDINATING WITH STEPHEN COLBERTJANUARY 17, 2012 - As a citizen addressing the general public, Stephen calls on the Colbert Super PAC not to run vicious character assassinations ads that can be traced back to him. (8:39)

As Stephen Colbert explains;

COLBERT SUPER PAC - CIVILITY AD & STEPHEN'S SOUTH CAROLINA RALLY 01/18/12 - Jon Stewart's Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC releases an ad pleading for civility, and Stephen announces his rally with Herman Cain. (2:49)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE GREAT CHASE 01/30/12 - Stephen chases Jon Stewart through the streets of New York City and onto the set of "The View" to get the Colbert Super PAC back. (3:02)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - SUPER FUN PACK TREASURE HUNT 04/02/12 - Whoever wins the Super Fun Pack Treasure Hunt will receive a university visit from the actual Stephen Colbert, not the Venezuelan knockoff. (3:56)

PEABODY AWARD FOR COLBERT SUPER PAC 04/04/12 - Unlike most things, the Peabody award for Colbert Super PAC segments isn't just about Stephen. (3:02)

COLBERT SUPER PAC SHH! - KARL ROVE & JON STEWART 11/12/12 - Billionaires go after Karl Rove's thumbs, while anonymous, scary Colbert Super PAC SHH! donors trace Jon Stewart and Stephen. (4:10)

COLBERT SUPER PAC SHH! - SECRET SECOND 501C4 - TREVOR POTTER11/12/12 - Stephen learns how to give Colbert Super PAC money to himself and thereby hide it forever from all eyes and use it in a way that he wishes. (4:54)

COLBERT SUPER PAC - THE HAM ROVE MEMORIAL FUND12/13/12 - Stephen prays that Colbert Super PAC money is in a better place, and Ham's charitable fund scores a hefty donation from PO Box "Bite Me." (3:42)

THE COLBERT REPORT'S UNINTENDED EDUCATIONAL VALUE06/04/14 - Researchers find that The Colbert Report is more informative than any other news show. (4:05)

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