Apr 17, 2016

Pedo O Donnell Is Trying To Help Ted Cruz & Paul Ryan! Like He Did By Helping In The Iraq Oil War Cover-Up!

I have covered how Lawrence O Donnell & his channel have covered up and are covering up the Iraq Oil war. This post shows that O Donnell is actually out there punting for the GOP, i.e. he's actually a lap dog for the establishment! (Republican stooge posing as Democrat to deceive)

Lawrence O Donnell EXPOSED

To the above list I would like to add this post about Paul Ryan:

Here you see Lawrence O Donnell get emotional about how Paul Ryan rose from a waiter to become leader of Traitor Inc and basically seems to be in love with this guy who cut food stamps for kids. I guess as long as it's not newborns it's OK. Then he starts to get sick like Rick Perry. Anyways, here is O Donnell punting for Paul Ryan. Then a video of him punting for Ted Cruz over the wife thing while suggesting that this body thing isn't normal. To prove this I put up Paul Ryan's bare chested pictures (warning, this gets graphic);

Spkr. of the House Paul Ryan: ‘I was wrong’ Blasting the 'ugliness' we see in politics today, - Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to a group of House interns about the way politics used to be. He also admitted his past mistakes on the issue of poverty. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell speaks to Michael Steele and Sam Stein.

Clearly Paul Ryan is prepping for the Presidential nomination and Lawrence O Donnell is talking as if he's actually changed, i.e. a righty who understands the left so he can run for President and have a chance. Lawrence O Donnell definitively seems to be deeply embedded in the GOP when you add this to his role in the cover up of the Iraq War etc.

Another example of Lawrence O Donnel working as a SHILL for the establishment i.e. Republican pretending to be a democrat to cause harm to the country (traitor)

Cruz at war with Trump over wife insult After Donald Trump re-tweeted a photo of his wife, Heidi, Ted Cruz lashed out at Trump, calling him a "sniveling coward" and saying spouses and children are "off bounds". Lawrence discusses the fallout with Nancy Giles, Howard Dean, and Rick Wilson.

I skimmed through the video and noticed someone say 'we don't do shirtless in our culture'... in response to Melanie Trumps photo (Frankly, "The Last Word" is full of sh*t)


Here is the desperate search for a bare chested Paul Ryan! They DID make it to 49%.

‘Paul Ryan Shirtless’ Googled More Than His Budget Plan (PHOTO)

Paul Ryan Shirtless: Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Exposed In Vacation Photo

Paul Ryan’s Abs Must Be Disclosed To American Public (VIDEO)

More About Ted Cruz;


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