Apr 23, 2016

Mayor De Blasio Says "It Was Satire I Was Mocking My Self" ... PROVING That The Daily News Did A Fluff Piece On Hillary (A Coverup) To Help Her Win NY

I explained how The New York Daily News had done a fluff piece on Hillary Clinton to help her win New York. Well, she won. This post just seeks to prove that what I said earlier about New York Daily News betraying the people of NY (thier readers) was correct. I would also like to point out that New York Daily News & other such people are responsible for the Democrats losing the General Elections (should they lose) because they helped elect a BAD CANDIDATE.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on 'CP time' - Chris Hayes talks to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio about his poorly received joke about 'Colored People Time,' campaign finance, and superdelegates.

The New York Daily News... ARE TRAITORS!

I would like to point out that Mayor De Blasio endorsed Hillary Clinton. Who a person endorses says allot about them. Here is the person Mayor De Blasio Endorsed;

The Hillary Clinton Chronicles

You endorse Hillary you also get a two term President in a surprise 2 for 1 special! (In defiance of the spirit of 'no inheritance' law endorsed by Thomas Jefferson)... so, meet your potential Co-President, up for a third term, Bill Clinton...

The Bill Clinton Chronicles

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