Apr 10, 2016

#LastWord's Lawrence O Donnell Has Decided To Portray Himself As A Watchdog When He's Really A Lapdog!

Lawrence O Donnell is a total hypocrite. Here he is acting like he's a steward of morality and good reporting but his networks (& his own silence) indict him as a liar & possibly, nay likely, a traitor!

Trump grilled and graded on foreign policy - Donald Trump is put on the spot about his foreign policy in a recent interview with the New York Times. New York Times’ David Sanger, who talked to Trump, and Times columnist Nicolas Kristof join Lawrence for analysis.

This arrogance is what I wanted to take issue with;

I've documented the media's Iraq war cover up - WITH Jon Stewart & Others - in vivid detail. See for yourself...

First, hypocrisy by his own channel (to show a chain of command);

Alternet article extract;
When the United States most needed courageous journalism in 2003, Matthews hailed the U.S. invasion of Iraq, declaring "we're all neocons now" and praising the manliness of President George W. Bush's flight-suited arrival on the USS Abraham Lincoln to celebrate "mission accomplished."

Second confirmation from the underground media in the US;

Confirmation from a non-US based media source (CNN International);

Confirmation from US Sources;

Lawrence O Donnell IS a lapdog PRETENDING to be a watchdog by acting like he's trying to expose something when all he really does is cover stuff up. What a total hypocrite.

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