Apr 9, 2016

Hillary & Bill Clinton Have Already Been Co-Presidents For 8 Years. Electing Them Again Goes Against the Spirit Of The Law, i.e. NO THIRD TERMS!

The truth is that by voting for Hillary Clinton we are voting for Bill Clinton's third term as a Co-President (that's unconstitutional... at least, as far as the spirit of the law is concerned). Here are the proofs that Bill CLinton & Hillary Clinton would best be described as Co-Presidents during "The Clinton Years". If elected this would be a THIRD TERM for BOTH of them;

It was during the 1992 presidential campaign that Arkansas governor Bill Clinton — the nation’s first baby-boomer presidential candidate, running against President George H. W. Bush — used the phrase “two for the price of one.” This twofer concept was Clinton’s quaint way of bragging (to the delight of feminists) that his wife, Hillary, an accomplished corporate lawyer and fellow Yale Law School graduate, was going to play a major role in his administration well beyond that of a traditional First Lady.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/419923/bill-and-hill-two-price-one-again-myra-adams

Vanity fair : "What Hillary Wants" i.e. Hillary is the brains behind Bill Clinton & deserves the title of "Co-President" during Bill's first two terms;

And it is Hillary Rodham Clinton, lawyer–activist–teacher–author–corporate boardwoman–mother and wife of Billsomething, who is the diesel engine powering the front-running Democratic campaign. In the space of one week in late January, Hillary fast-forwarded from being introduced as “wife of” (60 Minutes) to the victim of “the other woman” (PrimeTime Live) to “Trapped in a Spotlight, Hillary Clinton Uses It” (The New York Times), the last illustrated by a picture which said it all: Hillary with her arm thrust in the air and wearing a big campaign smile, out in front of her husband.

The Hillary Clinton Chronicles

The Bill Clinton Chronicles

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