Apr 26, 2016

Grace Parra Says She Sees Trump As A Murderer While Supporting An ACTUAL Murderer - What Is Going On? Has Everyone Gone Mad?


You don't need to read the background to get this utter hypocrisy outlined in this post. I did a summary...

PANEL - TWO WOMEN ON THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL TICKET?APRIL 25, 2016 - Grace Helbig, Mike Yard and Grace Parra discuss the possibility of a historic presidential ticket consisting of Hillary Clinton and a female running mate. (6:19);

Grace Parra says she feels like Trump is a murderer and I point out that Hillary is ACTUALLY a murderer despite how you may feel about her (first sign of madness?). Why are her feelings about this so off from the reality?...

Larry Wilmore agrees, further illustrating this schizophrenia.

Here are some of the Hillary's ACTUAL Murders;

From Salon: The face of collateral damage Photos of missile debris help trace the path of a CIA drone missile that killed a young girl

The civilian massacre the US neither confirms nor denies

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drone yemen composite
Three unnamed victims of the December 17 2009 strike (Photos courtesy Al Jazeera)

Hillary is ACTUALLY a murderer!

Read this post to;

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