Apr 21, 2016

Daily Show: Trevor Noah Totally Humiliates America's Corrupt Political Establishment, By Comparing It With Brazil!

Here Trevor Noah compares a Brazilian corruption scandal to an American corruption NON-scandal to show how Brazilians need to organize their democracy to be as cool as America! (i.e. learn how to hide thier corruption with high paying jobs rather than upfront cash bribes etc.)

Daily Show: BRAZIL MOVES TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT DILMA ROUSSEFFAPRIL 19, 2016 - After Brazil's Congress votes to impeach President Dilma Rousseff on corruption charges, Trevor explains how to "influence" government without breaking laws. (6:48)

Main points of this post;

Quick Intro to Brazil;

OK. So the situation in Brazil is one of corruption. Notice in particular how happy people are to see the impeachment/indictment of a corrupt politician;

There cheered for every vote! They so LOVE the idea of a corruption free country!

AND, it turns out the corruption runs deeper than JUST The sitting President & Trevor Noah feels bad about how bad Brazil is at hiding their corruption and begins to explain why he thinks that using America's example;

After outlining how corrupt America is and how we hide it, Trevor Noah turns to Brazil to give them advice based on his cultural analysis - which reminds me of these posts: 

OK. Moving on;

Trevor Noah totally humiliated America's political establishment!

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