Mar 30, 2016

Trevor Noah Proves Donald Trump Is The Ideal Republican Candidate i.e. GOP Hypocrisy & Lies EXPOSED!!!

Trevor Noah does an excellent job of proving that Trump is everything that the GOP has been searching for. A classic take down of current GOP hypocrisy & lies about Trump not being a conservative or a Republican. (I think it's because the GOP Establishment insists on pushing economic policies that leave the citizens destitute ... and Trump is a helper not a destroyer making him the natural enemy of traitors).

HOW THE F**K WE GOT HERE - DONALD TRUMP: THE GOP'S PERFECT MATCHMARCH 23, 2016 -  After years of complaining about America's supposed decline, the Washington elite and immigrants, the GOP gets the presidential candidate it deserves with Donald Trump. (8:17)

Comments on screenshots taken from the above video;

Mitt Romney is the guy that took a couple of words OUT OF CONTEXT from Obama and turned it into his whole convention. Not to mention Romney making money off of baby parts.

This is just the most hypocritical lie a person in the Republican party could possibly make. Persecuting colored people has been the GOP's election winning strategy since Nixon, i.e. preying on people's fear & prejudice to win elections and push a criminal agenda (for the few at the cost of the many, i.e. anti-democratic in nature). Paul Ryan's OWN history is also full of lies and criminal behavior.

GOP's War On Colored People OR The Case To Categorize The GOP As A Hate Group

This is the Governor that could only balance the State budget with Government handouts ... and he also cut funding for child services, year after year, despite conclusive proof that his policies led to greater child abuse (Texas is now one of the highest, if not THE highest, child abuser in the country). Clearly, this Governor is pro child abuse is the nicest thing I can say about him. 

Lyin Ted needs no introduction, but just in case, here are some posts introducing the real Ted Cruz;

Thank God. She lied about a planned parenthood video and drummed up sentiment that probably led to domestic terrorism (defined as 'killing for political reasons' i.e. the shooting at planned parenthood for political beliefs)... so a terrorist inciter is the best possible way to describe her.

The guy whose brother lied to the American people about WMD in Iraq.
Same guy whose brother gave billions in no-big contracts to Halliburton from Iraqi OIl and Cheney made millions as well. At least we know how much 4000+ American Soldiers & 1.2 million Iraq lives are worth, about 35 Billion in private profits.

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

Now Trevor Noah Explains How The GOP Party Got To Donald Trump By Comparing Thier Words Showing That They All Say The Same Things So Donald Trump Really Is The PERFECT Republican Candidate Based on the GOP Establishment Politicians OWN words;
(I took screen shots so you can see that Trump is exactly what the GOP Party has been seeking over the years i.e. Trump is INDEED the PERFECT Republican Candidate as far as Republican voters are concerned ... who have been listening to GOP establishment for years)

Marco Rubio says the same thing, different words.

So does Jeb Bush;

So does Paul Ryan & the other liars of the GOP;

Trevor Noah points this out, i.e. that Trump has the same BASIC message of the GOP. He just uses SLIGHTLY different words... the way EACH GOP person uses slightly different words to describe the same sentiment;

GOP wasn't some from outside of Washington, i.e with no political connections to Washington and Trump fits that bill perfectly;

Rick Perry, ex Governor of Texas who has many GOP friends in the Senate & Congress in Washington & follow the same talking points ALSO calls himself an "outsider"... i.e. now we get to see a parade of lies where being in the GOP by stationed outside of Washington itself becomes the deception GOP Establishments politicians are trying to win on;

This guy is in the boat. Said he would increase his State jobs and didn't. Obviously. He just lies some more and acts like his policies arent supported and endorsed by the rest of the GOP establishment which includes the ones in Washington as well (obviously);

Government insider for years says;

This is just crazy. This guy IS called the GOP establishment and reigned in Washington for 8 horrible years. If he is out there calling himself a "Washington Outsider" then the lies have reached a point where if the media doesn't catch them (like they did with Iraq) we can easily, and rightly, call the media traitors;

But his Vice President pick spent most of his time in Washington and the GOP Establishment whose corrupt and degenerate policies he wanted to pass are all from Washington, a George Bush level of hypocrisy;

Frankly, Trump is the ONLY Washington Outsider in the video so far.

Next is the GOP Establishment's talking point that what we really need is a "businessman" like Romney who wants you to vote for him for his business experience which he won't release the taxes of... Trump is an actual business man and not a thief that Romney appears to be so Trump is much more qualified already (Romney made his money off Government Bailouts, Breaking up companies and making money off of baby parts);

Here are other GOP Establishment talking points that Trump qualifies for - laid side by side by Daily Show;

As Trevor Noah points out, based on GOP Talking Points, Trump is the best candidate by far... in fact, GOP Establishment followers would be stupid not to pick the exact candidate GOP establishment have been idealizing for years!

More apt comparisons proving Trump is the perfect GOP candidate;

On political correctness;

Republicans OPEN YOUR EYES... Trump is the perfect Republican candidate... the ONLY one the REALLY fits all their requirements;

Trump 2016?

Veteran & Soldier Issues

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