Mar 29, 2016

Trevor Noah & Jon Stewart Smash John Kasich

Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart on John Kasich compassion towards the average American/blue-collar-workers.

TRUMP VS. CRUZ: MELANIA AND HEIDI EDITIONMARCH 23, 2016 - After Donald Trump threatens Ted Cruz's wife Heidi Cruz on Twitter, the Texas senator fires back with a cinematic response. (1:45)

Relevant screenshot;

Except for Ohio, which Kasich probably won because Ohio is a liberal state and Trump scares liberals, Kasich has won nothing and even lost to Marco Rubio in Arizona AFTER Marco Rubio dropped out of the race. That's incredibly bad.

Jon Stewart Smashes John Kasich

GOV HURTSMARCH 24, 2011 - The relationship between Republican governors and their states goes from cool new boyfriend to psychotic stepdad. (7:40)

At 5 mins Jon Stewart really begins to tear into John Kasich:

Screen shot from when the TV news reader is saying that Kasich took 12 million out of children s schools;

This is a normal GOP Establishment "Anti-Citizen" policy, i.e. here they sell the lives of citizens to the highest bidder which happen to be rich campaign donors, er, corporate employers;

Here, let Ronald Reagan have a word;

Ronald Reagan supports unions and collective bargaining in a speech from the 80s. (00:09)...

"Where free unions and collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost." Ronald Reagan

Specific stuff Jon Stewart Mentions;

A fundamental right in a democracy.

No negotiation in contracts (like slaves, i.e. what you get is what you get)

Well, same as Obamacare. America isn't really Christian or even normal anymore.

This is just a screen shot from the video that I thought was funny;

Trump likes to put his name on quality products even if he can't manage it perfectly. Having Trump want to rename America to Trumpica would just mean he would make sure his name is on something good that people like. That's alot more than these GOP Establishment guys have given to us (based on their records) and alot more than they have in thier treasonous economic plans & history. (links below)

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