Mar 17, 2016

Kelly File To Breitbart To Trump Rallies. The New GOP Establishment Controversies.

My thought on some of the recent events;

Fox News: Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro on resigning from BreitbartMar. 14, 2016 - 6:01 - Insight into the controversy on 'The Kelly File'


First off, I can understand if people tasked with Donald Trumps security are on edge. Protesters are increasing and it is always possible for a bad person to take advantage of the situation and use the hyped up rhetoric to male an attempt on Trumps life, so understandably Trumps security forces are a little edgy.

That said, there is no excuse to man handle a woman. It may be all he did was grab her arm and pull her away from Trump. It may be she is one of those woman who bruise easily. A pinch, poke or grabbing her arm could have done that. That fact would still not excuse being physically harsh with a women. I haven't hit a girl since I was 10 or 12 (when I threw a phone at my sister, can't remember why).

Why pulling a female reporter away from Trump would be a priority is beyond me, I seriously doubt any woman would want to physically go after him in the current situation... only if he took on right wing female body control positions in a General Election against a woman (Hillary or even Bernie), could such a thing possibly happen. So there is no need to even try to push away women from Trump at a rally unless she is branding an instrument to hurt him and if such a time comes Trump needs to hire female security guards. Anytime a guard has trouble manhandling a female he needs to go. If he injures a peaceful protester he needs to go. (looks bad)

All said and done, Breibart isn't particularly known for it's truth telling or fact telling and the reporters that write for it aren't really even reporters but gossip mongers pretending to be so... so I have no idea what all the hype is about except for it being a fake news channel helping fake reports from another fake news channel...

Conservative media creates parallel universe
Rachel Maddow discusses how the conservative media has built a narrative based on what people want to hear, not on the facts, about President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Colbert Report: Tip/Wag - Breitbart
Breitbart News publishes an article that could have completely destroyed the credibility of Obama's pick for attorney general, Loretta Lynch -- if it wasn't completely untrue. (3:31)

By the way, right wing media creating bullsh*t news isn't a new phenomenon;

Bogus story exposes risks of conservative ‘invented news’ - Rachel Maddow shows the right-wing hypocrisy on prostitution scandals when the political advantage is in their favor, and points out the danger of the conservative movement’s preference of their own version of news instead of real news.

DONALD TRUMP'S POLITICAL FIGHT CLUB MARCH 14, 2016 - VAN JONES03/14/2016After a series of violent protests erupt at Donald Trump rallies across the U.S., the presidential hopeful both condones and repudiates the hostile events. (9:11)

Based on a careful watching of the above Daily Show video I can easily say that Bernie Saner's opposition to Trump is part of the problem for these riots/small-fights. You diffuse such things by being conciliatory and using psychologists to understand the "roots" of the problem with the basic goal of creating dialogue. Pure opposition creates conflict. Always has.

Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance. - Lakota

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