Mar 9, 2016

GOP Establishment Economics ALWAYS Destroys The Economy & Leaves The Citizens Destitute

I have been covering GOP Establishment politics for a long time (clearly we need an anti-establishment candidate). I was the first to notice the GOP establishment's treason like aspects and Robert Reich was soon to follow (though I didn't discover this till some years later). My focus instead has been to prove, beyond a shadow of ANY scientific doubt, that GOP Establishment economics is deadly to an economy as we have one proof after another of it failing VERY VERY BADLY . Also, the connection of GOP Establishment economics to the First Clinton Presidency(!) where Bill paved the way for the financial crisis with his deregulation splurge that made the "too big too fail" situation which remains with us to this day), shows that ALL of establishment economics is corrupt in some way.

Notice the odd resemblances between Mitt Romney & the Clinton's and his sudden contested convention strategy to help Hillary... certainly makes it seem like there is a concentrated effort by the establishment to keep it's hand hold on America, both left and right sides of the establishment. The Clinton's support of NAFTA & TPP has created an economy where the rich take all the money and the poor are allowed to get poorer. The Democrats & GOP establishment BOTH pursued the awful TPP bill despite HUGE disapproval based on facts (& the fact it was put together secretly).

The facts are simple. If you seek to implement GOP economics you will not be able to provide what the people expect, i.e. a strong economy with good paying jobs and a chance to "move forward" in life.

On the right, people want the same things they have just been fooled by an amazing con job by the GOP Establishment into thinking that turning the country over to a few wealthy people will benefit everyone else as well.

Establishment economics heads America off in this direction;

Frankly, modern GOP Establishment Economics is treason at it's finest. They even couldn't declare war on ISIS because doing so would make it legal to indict them for treason as we KNOW the GOP Establishment provided the means to fund ISIS AND we know GOP Establishment politics and strategies for Iraq is what created ISIS in the first place.

Summary of GOP Establishment Economics:

Flint is the perfect example of what happens when you turn the economy over to the GOP establishment (why do the Democrats not say anything? They are cowards who bow to the establishment as that's where the money is). Lets take a look at what the GOP Establishment are allowed to get away with (i.e. treason);

Flint water crisis born from mishandled economic crisis - Congressman Dan Kildee talks with Chris Matthews about the economic past that brought Rick Snyder's "emergency managers" who caused the Flint Water Crisis, and the trade conditions that challenge a comeback for Flint.

Result of GOP establishment economics in Flint? Flint now relies of charity to survive. GOP establishment economics is simply bad for any society. That's why ALL GOP run states end up needing money from the outside to survive. They aren't designed to help the people (thier citizens) they are designed to help whoever is paying the most money to the GOP establishment... who happen to be the Koch Brothers.

Kansas is another perfect example of a Koch Brother influenced State. It went bankrupt.

Revenue + Expenditure = A State (or lack of one) ... the example of Kansas;

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