Mar 21, 2016

Exposing Glenn Beck's Deceptions 1: Making Hypnotic, Yet False, Comparisons Between Trump Rally & The 1968 Riots

In this "news piece" Glenn Beck takes shots of peaceful protests and one individual picking on another individual and compares it to tear gas riots with cops from 1968. There was no tear gas or even a huge police response to the events Beck compares them too. How he gets away with this stuff literally amazes me everytime I turn my attention towards him.

Source of this post;

Glenn Beck: Then and Now: Trump Rally Protests Look Eerily Similar to Riots of 1968

On his radio show Thursday, Glenn talked about when he first started predicting a repeat of the year 1968. Well, we dug through the archives and found several articles dating back as far as 2012 with Glenn warning about a repeat of 1968. Unless We Act We Will Not Survive Another Summer of ’68 WATCH – It’s Not About Race, It’s About Hate Glenn’s Prediction for 2016: ‘You Can Write This on Your calendar’ Up until recently, nobody seemed to agree with Glenn, but now, it looks like the mainstream media is finally catching up. 

Here Beck is just talking about one of his fear generating tactics and calling it a prediction. He does this all the time. I made a small list:

Beck continues;

Below are two videos showing violent protests — one from a recent Donald Trump rally that was cancelled due to violent protests. The other is from 1968. Watch them together — the feelings of anger and hatred are palpable in both.

Now, here are the 1968 riots that Glenn Beck thinks Trump rallies looks like... 

Video 2:



OK. Here is the actual rally - all you see is a few individuals getting angry at each other. You see alot more of this on twitter without the physical presence. (The riots Beck compares them to in the next video are so out of context to be actually funny but I don't think Beck is trying to be funny, I think he's serious about his bullshit comparison). The feelings of anger of a person verses the feelings of anger from a huge crowd fighting cops who are fighting back with tear gas

Video 1:



Comparing a chick with an eagle and calling them both birds can be done but it does injustice to both.

OK, he is artful with his con as he tries to say the feelings of 'fear and anger are palpable in both'. Sure you could put up a kids baseball game & compare it to the final game of the world series and say 'hey! the feelings of stress and excitement are palpable in both' and you would be right to some extent but it is still an absurd comparison. That is exactly what you see here (don't worry Beck, I'll be going backwards through your "news" to make sure I'm being fair).

This tactic also gets used in mainstream media (GOP seems to own most of it so the tactic makes sense). This one was caught by Jon Stewart (Making an event seem bad by leaving out the accurate historical context and replacing it with an inaccurate context);

Baltimore on Fire- Violent anti-police protests erupt in Baltimore, which blindside the media and CNN's Wolf Blitzer, despite the U.S.'s long history of racially charged riots. (8:04) 

Jon Stewart starts off with a comparison between how white people riots vs black people riots/protests are presented by the media (& thus represents public consciousness on issues);

Jon Stewart summarizes the situation;

Then Jon Stewart takes a look at how Wolf Blitzer seems to forget all of history and knowledge and speak as if he was some bystander on the street who just got let out of ballet school, i.e. completely flabbergasted;

It's possible Wolf was just pissed off for being interrupted during his yearly party and so decided to disregard history and instead use his influence to insult the uncivilized/savage"thugs" who disturbed him; i.e. CNN Wonders Why Baltimore Is Protesting On It's White House Correspondent Dinner's Night & Asks Them To Wait Till The Party Is Over

In any case, what CNN did here is what Glenn Beck did above, i.e. take something out of context to give a bad impression. Except what CNN did is a more standard tactic that GOP/FoxNews tend to use (& Glenn Beck often participates in) such as the Trayvon Martin atrocity.

Glenn Beck... Traitor?

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