Feb 3, 2016

"... I Am Now Become Death {Shiva}, The Destroyer Of Worlds..." Is MY Thing That Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Stole From Me & Turned Into A Joke

Jon Stewart took my thing and turned it into a joke. This post proves that.

A Couple Of Background Proofs Of My Blog Being Read By Jon Stewart of The Daily Show

Sci-Fi Movie: Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1967)
Horror: Night Of The Living Dead (1968) - One Of The Original Zombie Movies 

Notice Jon Stewart's use of 'Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds' and the link to my post saying this first, below and then the links to Stephen Colberts use of it;

THE DAILY SHOW: DESTROYER OF WORLDS - AUGUST 5, 2015 - LOUIS C.K. - Jon reflects on his 16-year legacy of destroying opponents like ISIS, big banking and Fox News. (9:43)

You can see below I was first to say 'I Am Death, The Destroyer Of World' this (link to post) but seriously and not as a joke:

Stephen Colbert using my thing;

BETTER KNOW A DISTRICT - NEW JERSEY'S 12TH 8/12/2013 New Jersey's 12th congressional district is home to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, meaning that Clarence Thomas insists he's from there, too.

Spin offs/guesses;

Stephen Colbert Claiming Bill O Reilly (who he's acting like) Has defeated death (this was before I smashed Bill O Reilly on Christmas but Colbert's show had ended a week or two before Christmas, i.e. he thought I had given up but I was just waiting for Christmas). This one is a guess;



Note: There is another correlation to when I was pretending to have a love affair with some girl on twitter and decided to break up with this non existent person... which made me angry and I declared "I Am Death" and attacked the GOP/FoxNews on twitter on some matter or the other. At least, the correlations are startling from my point of view;

RORY MCILROY AND CAROLINE WOZNIACKI'S POST-BREAKUP TRIUMPHJULY 22, 2014 - JULIA IOFFE : Athlete power couple Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki cope with their breakup by winning international sports tournaments. (2:22)

The Joke...


Update May 7th 2019
(Just more proof of top comedians being inspired by my... twitter feed & posts, twitter is where this all pretty much started)

Example 1

Example 2

Colbert, once again, using my tag line at 4:59 (I use it alot on twitter)

The above video was from Jan 22 and my most recent use of my tagline was Jan 14;

Of course, I joke around when I say my tagline was stolen. I'm very flattered that they use it in their routines. 

Moment Of Zen: 
(Added May 11, 2019)

i.e. its normal for stage comedians (or any performer/speaker) to use stuff from the audience without calling out their names or twitter handles or blogs.

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