Feb 24, 2016

Hillary VS Trump: A Polite Person With A Record VS A Rude Person Without A Record. Lets See What That Might Look Like Shall We?

OK. Lets start with Trump. Trump has no record. He's a TV reality star from a rich family who dabbled in real estate, successfully. All anyone has on him is that he has been rude to the ears of some people.

Hillary HAS a record. This is a record that can and PROBABLY WILL be exploited by Donald Trump in a possible General Election match up.

What is Hillary's record?

Taking money from Private Prisons while pushing mass incarceration for all (that disproportionately affected black people being poor), something Bernie doesn't talk about from a mistaken sense of politeness, will be a big issue with Trump. Since it's a black issue not referred to much by the media. Lets take a look at what else is on Hillary's record...

Trump could be like: 'Hillary, shes a woman? She's more like a witch killing innocent people in other countries and putting the Blacks in jail for money and then cutting her connections with the private prison industry cause she needed votes in an election'


Trump could be like: 'Hillary was complimented by Henry Kissinger, an actual war criminal! I don't believe it! So this woman is going around killing people, you know mass murder - genocide! - so anyways, this woman is going around the world committing mass murder and what are mothers gonna tell your daughters? Maybe one day you can grow up and be a mass murdering war criminal like Hillary? Is this what we want to teach our young girls?"


"I can't handle the Presidency? Her Husband, on a policy he still defends mind you, actually brought about the collapse of the country's economy by pushing for deregulation by the advice of some fiction writer fan? I love the guy and all but how stupid can you be to dismantle the whole system and let it fall apart like that?"


"Jesus! Did you hear Bill is a prophet! No Really, let me tell you I was surprised myself, this guy 10 HOURS BEFORE 9/11 was giving a speech to this business group in Australia and said 'he didn't kill Osama bin laden because we would have to blow up a town of 300 and he feels bad about it'. Amazing! SO I admire Bill's prophetic skills and all but after preparing the path for mass bombing of innocents they have made it a policy to go out and bomb people rather than negotiate. Henry Kissinger complimented the State Department under Hillary. Yemen is destabilizing from thier bombing and all. I can't believe the decision making skills on these people. Terrorism has gone up over 600% with Henry Kissinger, Bush, & Clinton's involvement (did you know they are all friends? I know, I can't believe it!). Basically, what I'm saying is that the Clinton's are good for some prophetic advice but bad for decision making in a position of leadership"


'I may have said "they're rapists, they're murderes" but Hillary actually turned immigrants over to rapists and murderers in a bill she bragged about passing! OMG! I mean talk about heartless. I have alot of heart. I love people. I love people.'

What will Hillary say? Trump said mean shit? Trump was mean, she killed people. Trump was rude she started mass incarceration and made money off of it. Trump was mean and she changed her position from neo-con to Bernie cause America has had enough of Republicans. It's unfortunate people don't realize that the Clintons are basically just Republican calling themselves Democrats.

Fox News and the GOP have been saying this shit for years. Clearly Hillary supported the idea of not indicting Cheney & Bush for their Iraq War Treason (one thing which the alternative media DID cover in ridiculous detail) which means she silently ENDORSES spreading these sorts of beliefs into the population. She wants to "negotiate" with criminals rather than indicting them, why?

Trump: ..." Anyways, so Hillary started all these beliefs that I believe about the State of America today, endorsed by this administrations silence and now you want to blame me for telling you the truth as told to us by Fox News and the GOP? What? Are we supposed to do the worst things possible while being polite about it it to be acceptable as politicians? I have done NOTHING bad and I'm rude. Hillary has killed people and destroyed lives and is polite. That's the REAL difference."

 In a general election against Trump, you really think she can't be beaten by a rude guy?

Proofs for 'the GOP is a White Supremacist group pretending it's not'

From Salon:
In one major poll, Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton nationally. In most others, he’s not far behind from the former Secretary of State. Vermont’s Senator already has an “edge over Clinton in matchups with GOP opponents,” dispelling Clinton’s electability myth. In an average of national polls, Bernie Sanders is less  than eight points from Hillary Clinton, after being over 50 points behind in 2015. In addition, there’s only one person capable of challenging a Republican in 2016 withoutJames Comey declaring national security was jeopardized by a private server.

Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate capable of winning the White House in 2016. Please name the last person to win the presidency alongside an ongoing FBI investigation, negative favorability ratings, questions about character linked to continual flip-flops, a dubious money trail of donors, and the genuine contempt of the rival political party. In reality, Clinton is a liability to Democrats, and certainly not the person capable of ensuring liberal Supreme Court nominees and President Obama’s legacy.
The precious and all-knowing polls already show Bernie Sanders defeating Republicans in a general election and Robert Reich has already explained why Sanders can easily win the presidency. In a Huffington Post piece titled “6 Responses to Bernie Skeptic,” Reich debunks the trusted myth of Clinton supporters and Republicans:
“He’d never beat Trump or Cruz in a general election.”
Wrong. According to the latest polls, Bernie is the strongest Democratic candidate in the general election, defeating both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in hypothetical matchups. (The latest RealClear Politics averages of all polls shows Bernie beating Trump by a larger margin than Hillary beats Trump, and Bernie beating Cruz while Hillary loses to Cruz.)
“America would never elect a socialist.”
P-l-e-a-s-e. America’s most successful and beloved government programs are social insurance – Social Security and Medicare. A highway is a shared social expenditure, as is the military and public parks and schools. The problem is we now have excessive socialism for the rich (bailouts of Wall Street, subsidies for Big Ag and Big Pharma, monopolization by cable companies and giant health insurers, giant tax-deductible CEO pay packages) – all of which Bernie wants to end or prevent.
As Reich points out in his article, America is already a nation of Democratic-Socialists, but many of us (Democrats and Republicans) simply uphold “excessive socialism for the rich.”
Bernie Sanders, unlike Clinton, defeats Donald Trump in a landslide of  “epic proportions” in a general election and is the antithesis of a Republican. If you don’t believe me, then watch my friend Brian Hanley’s animated rap videos about Bernie Sanders demolishing Donald Trump.
Most importantly, and something the naysayers should learn, is that Bernie Sandersdoes better than Clinton against the GOP in a general election.
In addition, American voters don’t trust Hillary Clinton. At what point will critics of Bernie Sanders realize that American voters will never vote for a candidate they don’t trust and don’t like? In October of 2015, I explained in the following YouTube segment why Clinton is unelectable, and in another segment why Clinton must always evolve on key issues.
53.8% of all American voters have an “unfavorable” view of Hillary Clinton.
67% of American voters find Hillary Clinton “not honest and trustworthy,” compared with 59% for Donald Trump. Yes, more people trust Donald Trump.

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