Feb 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton Passed A Bill To Keep Poor Immigrants In Slavery & Helped Put Black People In Jail. How Is She Not Being Called A Racist?

On immigrants Hillary was very clever during the PBS debate. She pushed through a policy that clearly the Republicans would like cause of it's implied slavery like conditions... so she did DO something. It's just that what she managed to pull off was more in line with Republican politics than anything else i.e. it was racist and it hurt people.

First, how she harmed immigrants with her 'experience of getting things done';

Salon: Hillary Clinton is dead wrong about Bernie Sanders’ immigration record - Last week, Clinton slammed Sanders for voting against reform in 2007. But there was a very good reason he did
BuzzFeed investigations have found that “many businesses go to extraordinary lengths to skirt the law, deliberately denying jobs to American workers so they can hire foreign workers on H-2 visas instead,” and “that many of those foreign workers suffer a nightmare of abuse, deprived of their fair pay, imprisoned, starved, beaten, sexually assaulted, or threatened with deportation if they dare complain.”
i.e. slavery

Going deeper;

In last week’s battle over the meaning of the word “progressive,” Hillary Clinton charged that Bernie Sanders had fallen short in failing to back immigration reform in 2007.
“I don’t think it was progressive to vote against Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform,” Clinton said, after slamming Sanders for his past opposition to the Brady Bill. She repeated this line of attack last night.
The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers called this “a solid answer by Clinton.” If so, that’s largely because many don’t understand the substance or politics of guest worker programs. Many immigrant rights groups have long opposed guest worker programs, and for good reason. They are geared toward maximizing exploitation and minimizing protection of immigrant workers.
As Bill Chandler, Executive Director of the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance and a board member of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights put it in 2013, they are “another form of indentured servitude and a benefit for employers, not workers.”
Critically, guest workers are often bound to just one employer, denying them basic leverage against an exploitative or abusive boss: quitting. If a guest worker quits, they may lose their legal right to stay in the country. Bosses hold a “deportation card” over their head.
Sanders voted against the 2007 “comprehensive” immigration reform legislation precisely because it included an expansion of such programs. The legislation split the labor movement, with SEIU supporting it and the AFL-CIO opposed.
“You have people being terribly exploited and if they stood up for their rights, they would be thrown out of the country,” Sanders said recently. “I happen to believe we do have to move toward comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.”
Frank Sharry, who in 2007 was executive director of the National Immigration Forum, has conceded that it was a failed strategy to offer provisions intended to curry favor with Republicans because many at the end of the day would not come around to legalizing undocumented immigrants.
“That’s why I don’t get all worked up like ‘Bernie Sanders screwed us,’” Sharry told Bloomberg. “Upon reflection, we really realized that we had made a mistake, a strategic mistake, in allowing progressives to get divided in hopes of getting Republican votes.”
Currently, however, guest worker programs are rife with abuse.

How could Hillary vote for something like this? She does it all the time. It's what her "experience" consist of, i.e. getting atrocious shit done!;

Hillary supported mas incarceration, destroying, at least, tens of thousands of black lives.

Video: Mass Incarceration: Can Hillary Clinton Undo Bill's Legacy On Crime? 



Recently Hillary cut her ties with money from the private prison industry... in other words, she destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives and got paid for it! Who cares if she cuts off her ties years after making money from it and destroying people. It's an election. Her reason for cutting her private prison money ties is obvious (i.e. votes).

As one journalist put it: To recap, Clinton voted to invade Iraq, backed job-killing trade agreements, suggested that black women on welfare were “deadbeats” who were “sitting around the house doing nothing,” called for “more police” and “more prisons” and “more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders,” and bases not only her campaign finances but her entire social universe on and amid the superrich who she resides among in Westchester and the Hamptons — because she is a realist who can get things done.

Hillary's Deception Towards The Blacks

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