Dec 27, 2015

"Hellen Keller Republicans" & Dufflepuds from Narnia... Same Thing?

The Chronicles of Narnia was written by a man by the name of C.S. Lewis who was a well known Christian fiction writer. His book about how "the Devil" operates in peoples lives called The Screwtape Letters is a well respected book of his in Christian academic circles and probably led to other successes. As with any fiction writer it's possible, and even likely, that C.S. Lewis drew his characters from a wide range of source.

One type in particular is very common in America called "Hellen Keller Republican" in private by the GOP (may be a general human thing). 

The "Helen Keller Republican" are people who basically vote against their own and their children's interests. Why? Because they are almost entirely influenced by fear which blacks any thinking ability they may have had .

This type, I think, was noticed by C.S. Lewis and portrayed in his book Chronicles of Narnia as the race of Dufflepuds. The following video clip introduces the reader to the dufflepuds of C.S.Lewis;


Notice how the 'palace' the dufflepuds fear corresponds to Federal Government in real life and Republicans will often say 'cut the Federal Government size' to win elections (no Republican has ever done such a thing once in office). The irrational fear they have of Obama, a Northern Democrat, also has to do with a non-dufflepud leader holding office with control of the army.

Now compare the above Dufflepuds to "Hellen Keller Republicans" (using the links below the image). You'll notice the similarities are incredible!

Here are some links showing how evidence is not a factor when Republicans make decisions and that's how the GOP gets the percent they do... 

Media helps too. Things wouldn't have gotten so bad without the media's help in fooling and leading the dufflepuds.

The Mystery Of The Media

Since the largest concentration of duffllepuds is in the South, Fox News is the worst of the media making the lies and cover ups by the liberal media pale in comparison to their outright lies and betrayals of the public's trust;

Fox News... Exposed?

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