Oct 5, 2015

GOP/Fox News Benghazi Coverage EXPOSED

Colbert Report exposed the Benghazi coverage a long time ago with jokes, satire, news bits and logical analogies. This is a flashback & images & links below help provide context;

1:30 : The acts of terror verses vicious terrorism or, whatever word for terror you use , is using different words for the same thing getting across the SAME MEANING... i.e. these were terror attacks. That's not under dispute.

2:10: The only one who has been talking about this is me  Fox News but from everyone else radio silence i.e. a non-issue is being made into an issue by repeating it again and again for dufflepuds.

2:30: The Scandal Condom that the Fox News anchor is referring to is basically BULL as all of the US TV Media is connected to the GOP in some way or these sorts of cover-ups or these wouldn't be possible. The image above refers to a uniquely Fox News cover-up, they, being the War party, they like to keep the military looking extra-good cause they will be using em badly if they can ever get them back.

2:45: This is Semantics and is also about the words people use {He just said the same thing using DIFFERENT words. Get it? If not, figure it out.}

RELATED: Mother Of Slain Benghazi Officer To Sean Hannity: ‘They Want Me To Shut Up’ 
i.e. using a standard sympathy strategy on his viewers of a grieving mother. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't for the continuous Benghazi coverage over 4 deaths in context of 1000's of soldiers killed in the unjust  lie based Iraq war.



In more detail;

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