Oct 4, 2015

Collection of Links - Media - Miscellaneous GOP Lies & Fake Controversies To Betray The People

The Mystery Of The Media

Media Mysteries

Introduction To The GOP

GOP - The War Party - Illustrated

Scott Walker

Is GOP A Hate Group?

GOP's War On Colored People OR The Case To Categorize The GOP As A Hate Group

GOP Candidates Outlined &/Or Exposed

Iraq War Highlighted

Climate Change

Dick Cheney Highlighted

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Faces Down America

Fox News... Exposed?

Fox Business ... Exposed?

A Look At Fox News "Hypnosis"

I Smash The #1 Show On Cable News (Bill O Reilly)

Benghazi's Lack Of Conspiracy... Exposed?

Israel Highlighted

9/11 Mysteries

Proofs for the GOP being the"Party of Treason" or "The Party Of The Anti-Christ"

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