Oct 4, 2015

Chris Hayes On 'The Last Party In The World That Doesn't Believe In Climate Change Science' i.e The GOP

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He's both a scientist and a politician Chris Hayes talks to the mayor of South Miami, Philip Stoddard, who is also a biology professor, about what it's like when most of your senior politicians are climate change deniers.

Billionaire Tom Steyer on his climate activism Activist and former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer joins Chris Hayes to discuss the evolution of climate change politics.

Chris Hayes one-on-one with Al Gore The former vice president sits down for an exclusive interview on the climate, his activism, and the 2016 presidential race.

Al Gore on GOP climate denialismThe former vice president talks about the only party in the world that doesn't accept climate science - America's Republican party.

Pope Francis' influence on climate change Author and activist Naomi Klein talks with Chris Hayes about Pope Francis' Encyclical and his appeal to take action on climate change.

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