Sep 28, 2015

Pope Francis's Visit To America With Rachel Maddow Part 2 (With Notes On John Bohenor's Need To Go To Hell)

Background (Part 1): Pope Francis's Visit To America With Rachel Maddow (+ Notes)

Millions expected for Pope Francis in Philadelphia Rachel Maddow looks ahead to the weekend events planned for Pope Francis and the expected turnout in Philadelphia of as many as two million people on Sunday when he celebrates Mass at the World Meeting of Families.

Surprising stature among pope's congressional protectors - Rachel Maddow reports on which Democratic members of Congress were charged with the task of keeping their colleagues from crowding Pope Francis on his visit to the House chamber, and takes important advice that the size of the protectors is not...

Pope's hope for Congress contrasts with American cynicism - Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow about Pope Francis delivering a message beyond the confines of religion and speaking to the nobility of public service in politics in working toward the common good for all people.

Political world shocked by John Boehner resignation announcementRachel Maddow reviews some of the high and low points of John Boehner's tenure as speaker of the House and talks with Robert Costa, national political reporter for The Washington Post, about the considerations that likely went into Boehner's decision...


So Pope Francis came, John Bohenor cried and then resigned as Speaker for the Traitors. Don't get me wrong, John Bohenor will still push laws for the rich while suppressing the poor besides the tons of other treasonous activities that have become routine for the Republican Party BUT he won't lead it. Big deal. I hope he goes to hell. Hopefully Pope Francis's blessing will only work on people who mean to turn Christian and not just the pretenders who want heaven but perform the acts for hell. The only thing that should save John Bohenor is going publicly against the GOP and exposing them from the inside (we already know what they are up to, it's chronicled on this blog using top cultural commentators). So it's not going to be hard to tell when John Bohenor decides to become a true Christian but he won't do it. He is the devils disciple, as all the GOP are, a moment of weakness won't deter him from his path of treason.

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