Sep 4, 2015

Economist Robert Reich Calls The GOP's Economic & Political Tactics TREASON

Case for Indicting The GOP for Treason for The "Paul Ryan Plan" (*As Per The US Constitution)

Robert Reich also sees how the GOP's policies are basically treasonous in nature...

Extract: Would you call this treason? 

Answer: Yes. It's a conscious and deliberate war on the American people putting thier financial and personal security at risk. Only a technicality keeps the GOP of court, I think (we must have a declared war to be able to indict anyone for treason... is that why the GOP led Congress is too scared to legally declare war on ISIS as per the Constitution? i.e. Article 1 Section 8). It may also simply be too expensive for anyone except corporations to afford to sue.

The above image is from facebook but is also written about in the following articles:

Permit me an impertinent question 

Robert Reich Calls GOP Tactics TREASON

Has the 1 percent committed treason?A small group of extremely wealthy people are systematically destroying the US government - ROBERT REICH, ROBERTREICH.ORG

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