Jul 7, 2015

Things The Establishment GOP-Republicans Are Doing That Is Basically Treason


This post is based of an article in Salon and is to show that the GOP are basically traitors and the non-GOP people really need to start charging them with crimes and soon;

Salon Article: 5 things Republicans would call treason if Democrats did them

Conservatives value nothing above the Constitution — written by Jesus through the minds of the sainted Framers — and Article III unambiguously states that judicial power “shall be vested in one Supreme Court” to rule them all. Just imagine how apoplectic Republicans would become if Democrats recommended altering the immortal words of God’s chosen document after a Supreme Court decision didn’t go their way. 

This is straight opposition to the Constitution which is similar to the GOP's opposing the 1st Amendment to help people discriminate (i.e. this sort of unconstitutional behavior while calling themselves 'the party of the Constitution' is standard hypocrisy by the GOP... I think they used guns as a wedge issue to get the liberals to not go after the GOP for it's Constitutional  treason, of course, the media helps them traitors whenever they can not to mention the fact that American's aren't raised to be brave or patriotic in the true sense, just in words... its why they have trouble indicting obvious traitors with easily provable crimes that any forensics enthusiast could prove).

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You know what really doesn’t help already tense nuclear negotiations? “Informative” letters from your political opponents that fundamentally undermine not only the current president’s bargaining position, but the ability of future presidents to claim to be bargaining in good faith. But that’s exactly what Cotton penned and 46 of his closest friends signed — an invitation to the leaders of Iran to ignore any ignore any deal the Obama administration might strike on the grounds that the next president wouldn’t uphold it.

Another example of the GOP opposing a peace process to encourage war. The GOP does this with US citizens as well, i.e. they claim they are doing the right thing by attacking citizens. If we had ANY declared war we could technically indict the GOP for treason under Article 3 Section 3 (i.e. this is actual treason)

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Jon Stewart Purposely Proves That The GOP Is A "War Party" & Seeks To Limit Presidential Power For Peace But Seeks Unlimited Presidential Power For War

3. Senator Tom Coburn blocking an “unnecessary” veterans’ suicide prevention bill
I’m going to be objecting to this bill because it actually throws money away,” the Oklahoma Republican said. Had he been a Democrat, conservatives would have howled about how 22 combat veterans kill themselves daily and insisted that by failing to support this bill, Democrats are basically bathing in the blood of Our Troops. “It’s almost as if they want our brave men and women in uniform to kill themselves,” they would have shouted on the Senate floor.

Like I said before, the GOP's primary goal is to divert resources for war by attacking everyone else. By limiting access to healthcare the GOP hopes to kill off veterans who have already served thier war purpose. There is tons of evidence to support this claim. Again the GOP's media helps keep this treason covered up.

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If Hillary Clinton accidentally accepted a legally dubious campaign donation, Fox News would slap a “-gate” on it before the day broke and be comparing it to Benghazi by night’s end. Whereas the younger Bush didn’t merely accept such a donation, he built his entire campaign’s fundraising strategy around it — but the only people you hear calling for him to recuse himself from the race are the Fox News personalities who don’t think he’s conservative enough to represent their Grand Ol’ Party
Deception, lies and betrayal is how the GOP works. So it's no surprise that the brother of the guy that misled the nation to war then bought up the media to cover it up would do election scams. I have often claimed that the Bush's profited from the financial collapse of 2008... fortunately for them, by removing any regulations associated with their financial scam there is no way to trace where the money went. What we do know is that the GOP created a law to do insider trading (stealing using classified information)... i.e. they created the perfect setup to create a financial collapse, steal the taxpayers money and hide.

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For a group of people who constantly declare the need for America to appear a bastion of strength before the wary eyes of world, Republicans are constantly suggesting that President Obama could easily fall prey to most ridiculously petty schemes. Case in point, Representative Mo Brooks’ plan to punish the president for his “reckless conduct” by forcing him to “incur the wrath…that comes with a contempt citation with potential fines and jail time.” Diminishing the office of the president to score cheap political points? Some dare call that treason!

Standard lies and hypocrisy that is so easily disproven that we have to blame the media more than anything else for betraying the public's trust.

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