Jul 14, 2015

GOP VS The Golden Rule: The Bloodlust Of The Right Seems To Know No Bounds! We Best Call It The Party Of The Anti-Christ

The golden rule and Jesus's 2nd commandment are pretty much the same thing.

Jesus's 2nd Commandment was:

In image form;

This is what the GOP is like today, reflecting the complete opposite of what the Golden rule is... or in other words, the party of the opposite of the teachings of Jesus or the Anti-Christ Party;

Daily Show: "Let the record show that on January 16, 2012, the good people of South Carolina booed the Golden Rule." ― Jon Stewart...

A preacher explains in more detail (documentary style);

This following preacher explains the Golden Rule as told by Jesus in the Gospels.... 

Nailing The GOP or GOP illustrated in it's true right wing form;

John McCain: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

I've heard people quote how Christianity is about "love" and "turn they cheek". But if the people who most loudly claim to be Christians support violence above all else and quote Bible verses such as "Vengeance is mine said The Lord" as justification for violence, then are we talking here maybe about an unacknowledged cultural blood lust inspired by the fearmongering and war mongering by the GOP.

State of the "conservative movement" today:

War lust encourage by it's socialist like leadership (based on it's loyalty oaths and it's willingness to bend it's own principals for money/wealth/rich-people);
"Their main problem with Ron Paul... is because he won't pre-agree to start a war with Iran" - Jon Stewart

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