Jul 1, 2015

Calling White Terrorists "Mentally Insane" Doesn't Change What They Are (Just Ask The Terrified People Who Were Their Victims)

Everytime a white guy kills someone or commits mass murder the white race is left off the hook by calling him insane but when a non-white commits a crime thier whole race has to answer for his crime. This post outlines this strange but true dichotomy in US culture in the 21st Century.

For some reason being white gets you a pass on being a terrorist, no matter what you do exemplified by the following classic Bill O Reilly lie & misdirection (which is different in context from his reporting lies so it doesn't get any media attention, i.e. he lies like this all the time so the "normal" media considers it to be normal);

In the Name of the Fodder: The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity. (05:17);

O'Reilly declares... "Andre is not Christian as you don't kill in that faith"

Yet... from Andre: "Considering the fact that my martyrdom operation draws ever closer I decided to bring one to enjoy with my extended family at our annual Christmas party in December."

#1 Show On Cable News (Bill O Reilly)

Basically Fox News did the same thing for the Charleston shooting that it did for the Andre Brevik mass murder and terror attack in Norway (also, interestingly enough, a right wing terror attack which is automatically ignored or re-framed in the GOP's media);

Washington Post: This racist media narrative around mass violence falls apart with the Charleston church shooting.

Shooters of color are called ‘terrorists’ and ‘thugs.’ Why are white shooters called ‘mentally ill’?
But listen to major media outlets, and you won’t hear the word “terrorism” used in coverage of Wednesday’s shooting. You haven’t heard the white, male suspect, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, described as “a possible terrorist” by mainstream news organizations (though some, including The Washington Post, have covered the growing debate about this discrepancy). And if coverage of other recent shootings by white men is any indication, he never will be. Instead, the go-to explanation for his alleged actions will be mental illness. He will be humanized and called sick, a victim of mistreatment orinadequate mental health resources.
That narrative has formed quickly for Roof. Soon after his arrest Thursday, former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam appeared on CNN, saying that Roof probably “has some mental issues” and didn’t know he had done anything wrong. That is the power of whiteness in America.

Homegrown terrorists killed more Americans in the US than Jihadists in the same time period - Chris Hayes looks at whether the acceptance of Jihadi extremism in this country is overblown.

The Power Of Being White (You can be a know terrorist supporter ans still hold public office)

For example Peter King supporting bombing buses (a standard terror tactic) is clearly seen as non-terrorist. That's the power of being white.

Colbert Report: As an IRA supporter, Peter King understands the violent radicalism among American Muslims. 

Article 1 on Peter King
But according to experts in counterterrorism law, if the tough-on-terror policies King trumpets today had taken effect a few decades earlier, King himself might have been subject to prosecution. Over parts of three decades, from his days as an aspiring politician in Long Island through his early years in Congress, King was one of the nation's most outspoken supporters of the Irish Republican Army and a prolific fundraiser for the Irish Northern Aid Committee (NorAid), allegedly the IRA's American fundraising arm. The IRA waged a paramilitary campaign against the British presence in Northern Ireland for decades before peace accords were signed in 1998. Part of that effort included bombings and shootings that resulted in civilian deaths in England and Northern Ireland. During the period of King's involvement, the US government accused both NorAid and the IRA of links to terrorism. 
Article 2 on Peter King"The British government is a murder machine," King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a "legitimate force." And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA's political wing, to George Washington.
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