Jun 19, 2015

What If Rachel Dolezal Just Had A Mental Breakdown Like In Episode 81 Of Mash & Simply Decided She Was Black

Background Article:
Salon: Rachel Dolezal goes birther on…herself: “There’s no biological proof Larry and Ruthanne are my parents”She's seen the birth certificate, but "I haven't had a DNA test"

While everyone is trying to understand this as some sort of a scam, I thought I would try a different approach based on something I saw in an episode of MASH (an old sitcom).

Whaaaaaaaat?! - Black-ish-ish- Rachel Dolezal, chapter president of the NAACP in Spokane, Wash., resigns amid allegations that she is a white woman pretending to be black. (4:08)

What if she's one of the sensitive types portrayed in the following MASH episode;

Mash Episode 81;

Wounded arrive, and Radar is shocked when one of them--who arrived without dog-tags--says his name is Jesus Christ.

Hawkeye and B.J. try and get the soldier's real name, but he insists he really is Jesus Christ. His wound is superficial, so they assume he's doing this to get out of the Army. The soldier remains unruffled by the doctor's doubt.

Frank and Hot Lips try and get Col. Potter to step in, since they are sure that "liberal, bleeding heart" Hawkeye and B.J. will try and fill this soldier's head with all kinds of anti-American ideas.

Potter refuses to humor them, so they take it upon themselves to meet with Col. Flagg, who shows up to investigate this solider claiming to be Christ.

Flagg reveals the solider is actually Captain Arnold Chandler, a bombadier who has flown 57 bombing runs. Potter thinks it sounds like battle fatigue, but Flagg couldn't care less. Flagg demands Chandler be released immediately, but Potter goes with Hawkeye's idea: getting the advice of an expert on cases like this, Major Sidney Freedman.

Sidney Freedman arrives, and Flagg tries to talk him into backing his position. He first tries cajoling, then moves onto threatening him, referencing his "subversive" background. Freedman is unmoved.

Sidney meets with Chandler, who, still as Christ, reveals a deep sadness about having to bomb people who never did anything to him. He weeps at the thought of dropping bombs on "my children."They discuss the notion of faith, and identity.

Later, in a meeting in Potter's office, Sidney gives his professional opinion: he's Christ. Potter replies: "As you can see, I'm not laughing."

Sidney then explains that Chandler has suffered a mental breakdown, feeling so tormented over the killing he's done that his mind has shut down, refusing to allow him to do any more fighting. He grabbed the most peaceful identity he could find--Jesus Christ--and Chandler disappeared inside.

The character couldn't handle all the death he was causing so he flipped to a character that fit his sentiments.

What if this girl just couldn't handle all the black people that white people have killed (from slavery to later lynch mobs, politics etc) not to mention the genocide of the Native Americans... so her mind just said "I've had enough, I'm not white. I'm black."

Nightly Show on the situation;

CRAZYPANTS WHITE LADY PRETENDS TO BE BLACK - Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP, resigns over allegations that she has been posing as an African-American woman for several years. (8:02)

RACHEL DOLEZAL RACE CONTROVERSY - THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S PERSPECTIVE-Larry checks in with Robin Thede, Mike Yard and Holly Walker for a wide range of reactions to the controversy surrounding former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal. (5:30)

PANEL - RACHEL DOLEZAL & DEFINING BLACKNESS - Robin Thede, Natasha Leggero and Killer Mike speculate about why Rachel Dolezal pretended to be an African-American woman and examine black identity in America. (6:21)

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