Jun 19, 2015

Strong Evidence That The GOP Is Using The CIA's Plan To Destabilize Iran As A Model For Their Own Political Strategies for America

I noticed the striking similarities between the CIA's destabilization of Iran and our own society in my last post on this subject but it only struck me today how ridiculously well the pieces fit together.

And based on the facts there is only one logical conclusion! The GOP is intentionally destabilizing America along the lines of how the CIA destabilized Iran!

'...when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.'
Sherlock Holmes 

Recent Declassified CIA Documents On How It Overthrew The Democracy In Iran to Install A Dictatorship To Protect A British Monopoly On Oil:

Declassified Documents Reveal CIA Role In 1953 Iranian Coup

The Central Intelligence Agency was behind the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. It's been an open secret for decades, but last week, The George Washington University's National Security Archive released newly declassified documents proving it.
Orchestrating the Iranian coup d'├ętat was a first for the CIA and would serve as the template for future Cold War covert operations worldwide.
Mossadegh "believed that Iran's main problem at that time was that it was a country basically ruled by foreign empires," Iranian filmmaker Maziar Baharitells Weekends on All Things Considered host Jacki Lyden. So, after less than a week in office, on May 1, 1951, Mossadegh decided to nationalize the British-run Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
"To the British, because they discovered the oil and created the Iranian oil industry from scratch, it was a fair deal that they shared the oil revenue with the Iranian government," says Bahari. "But, to many Iranians, especially those who did not remember that there was no oil in Iran before the British came, it was just unfair for a British company to have a monopoly over Iranian oil."
However, the British would not leave quietly. According to Bahari, "Mossadegh had to go in order for the British to keep their monopoly," and they began pursuing measures to topple the Iranian prime minister. Their plan succeeded, but only after two long years of spy craft, subversion and the eventual help of the CIA.
"I think a lesser man would fall within a week. Mossadegh was a very strong politician and a very strong man," Bahari said.
Young CIA agents used suitcases full of cash to destabilize the regime. "They managed to buy newspaper editors, to buy hoodlums, they organized rallies in different cities, they created a fake communist party in order to create trouble," Bahari said. Still, they almost failed.
According to Bahari, after Mossadegh and his allies thwarted the first coup attempt Aug. 15, 1953, officials in Washington wanted to pull the plug on the spy operation. They sent a telegram to Kermit Roosevelt Junior, the CIA officer leading the overthrow and grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, ordering him to cease and desist. "But Kermit Roosevelt just says 'I never heard that' and he carries on the operation and he succeeds," Bahari said.
Four days later, a second coup attempt was successful.
"It's kind of left a bitter taste in Iranians' mouths," says Bahari. "It's created a very good excuse for the Iranian government to exploit the genuine grievances of the Iranian people."

OK. Lets break it down...


Young CIA agents used suitcases full of cash to destabilize the regime. "They managed to buy newspaper editors, to buy hoodlums, they organized rallies in different cities, they created a fake communist party in order to create trouble," Bahari said. Still, they almost failed.

CIA managed to buy Newspaper editors:
Why would they do this? To spread lies while pretending it's information. If you tell people stories from something they deem to be a credible source... they will believe what they hear. SO the CIA bought newspaper editors to spread lies.

Notice the startling similarity to Fox News and the rest of the belt way media currently covering for proven the Iraq War lies.

The Iraq War Cover-Up

CIA bought hoodlums:
I could easily argue that the Fox News strategy of appealing to cops when one kills an unarmed black man amounts to getting a bunch of thugs on their side (at least they are trying to). IN any case, even when a vigilante stalks and kills a kid after being told not to, Fox News comes to their defense claiming there is no guilt until it is proven (something which is for the courts to decide not Fox News). On top of that there was the "assassination squad" Cheney had but never used (why have one if you don't use it? Stupidest excuse I ever heard... but stupid excuses seems to be the trend nowadays with Fox News trying to deceive people into believing an obvious hate crime was actually an anti-Christian crime... a spin that truly boggles the mind and is a dangerous precedent if it works as it means a large percent of people in the States are ridiculously stupid)


CIA organized rallies in different cities: Notice how Tea Party were organized in many cities and the economics they support is illustrated by the Kansas economy. After Fox News helped set up these rallies (with strong KKK undertones) they distanced themselves from it. Currently, the tea party is opposing basic science and attacking the country on it's economic front destabilizing it's society. If the tea party gets it's way then the whole of the States will resemble Kansas's broken economy and governmental structure (I hear the Governor is currently threatening the Judges to uphold his bullshit! Amazing!)

After the Tea Party movement was created, the creators (Fox News) distanced itself acting as if the Tea Party sprang up 'on its own'

Colbert Report;

About a minute in Newt Gingrich says that the tea party 'kinda sprang up on its own' Then Stephen Colbert proves that the Tea Party was founded by anchors of Fox News and activism ideas even came from the repub party chairmen. About 3 minutes into the video Stephen says a bunch of nonsense, mixing various eras from history together with fiction, this is making fun of Glenn Becks theories which are historically and factually inaccurate.

CIA created a fake communist party in order to create trouble: Clearly this tactic was to make Iran look bad in world opinion and thus American opinion. Communist is the kind of bogey man and many people will stand to oppose without even looking into the facts of the matter. Remind you of anything? The rhetoric of Fox News for the last 6 years!

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Note: When an industry fails, if the Government bails it, get sit running again and then sells it back into private hands that is not part of some cartel  such as the ones below, then that is good economic policy. To take a dying industry and give it new life is what doctors do to patients and what economists are suppose do do to economies.

This is how the GOP works (they say one thing and do another - they speak fine words but have a record of doing the opposite or of lying and/or being proven wrong... to a degree that is mindblowing. That's why they have to push their cult with fear and authority (I explained mind control somewhere here) because if they learn to think for themselves it will be disastrous for them. A mob knows how to do only one thing. If they can't attack who they were designed for they will turn the other way:


Nightly Show Defines Charleston Shooting As Domestic Terrorism: Fox News/GOP Rush To Cover Up The Rhetoric Trail For The Charleston Shooting To Themselves Pretending It Was An Attack On Christianity

Karma is a bitch isn't it?

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