Jun 8, 2015

Rachel Maddow Discusses The Cowardly Congress & It's Fear Of Declaring War On ISIS

GOP people LOVE to talk about ISIS and what should or shouldn't be done (most if not all of the good ideas by the GOP are stolen. Except for the invasion/ground-troops idea which is stupid but in line with GOP history of betrayal and war for profit that turns out to be against America's best interest). In any case, with all their bravado and lies they still haven't fulfilled thier Constitutional obligations as per Article 1 Section 8 to have an official public debate on ISIS in Congress and declare war if that is needed. As usual, beltway media is covering for GOP's betrayal and treason.

Rep. McGovern rips 'cowardly Congress' on ducking ISIS war voteCongressman Jim McGovern talks with Rachel Maddow about Congress avoiding debating and voting on the U.S. war against ISIS even as it votes on funding that war, and his effort to force that debate and vote with a resolution to withdraw from hostilities. 

In Detail;

ISIS Exposed

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