Jun 19, 2015

Nightly Show Defines Charleston Shooting As Domestic Terrorism: Fox News/GOP Rush To Cover Up The Rhetoric Trail For The Charleston Shooting To Themselves Pretending It Was An Attack On Christianity


Not only was the shooting in Charleston race and hate based... it has the GOP's and Fox News fingerprints all over it. First, an introduction;

Charleston Church Shooting- Jon addresses a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., that took the lives of nine parishioners. (5:48);

One thing that is clear is that this shooting was racially motivated;

CHARLESTON CHURCH SHOOTING- A white man guns down nine members of a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., and Fox News commentators go out of their way to avoid any discussion about race. (6:25)

PANEL - MASS SHOOTING IN SOUTH CAROLINA - REAL TALK ABOUT RACIST VIOLENCE IN AMERICA - Mike Yard, Joaquin Castro, Christina Greer and Joshua DuBois discuss the South Carolina church shooting and examine why so many people refuse to acknowledge racism in the U.S. (9:24)

PANEL - MASS SHOOTING IN SOUTH CAROLINA - PRESIDENT OBAMA ON AMERICA'S GUN CULTURE - The panelists discuss President Obama's reaction to the church massacre in South Carolina and the NRA's apparent stranglehold on the gun control debate. (4:43)

Why would Fox News try and spin and black and white - clear cut - case? Because they are guilty.

In the wake of a clearly racial motivated killing Fox News calls it an attack on Christianity, which is mind-blowing in it's lack of context (probably unprecedented and a bad sign for "right wing"intelligence);
“Fox & Friends” just can’t stop the spin: In the wake of Charleston, we must arm our pastors and priests It's "extraordinary" that it's being investigated as a hate crime, Steve Doocy said -- it's an attack on Christians - 
On “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, co-host Steve Doocy said it was “extraordinary” that Police Chief Gregory Mullen referred to the massacre of nine black churchgoers by a young white male as a “hate crime.”
The segment began with Bishop E.W. Jackson, the senior pastor at Hope Christian Church, opining that he was concerned that this wasn’t a racially motivated crime, but a religiously motivated one. “There does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians in this country because of our biblical views,” he said.
“I would urge pastors in these churches to prepare to defend themselves,” Bishop Jackson added. “It’s sad, but I think that we have to arm ourselves.”
The tactic the GOP/FoxNews is using is the same one Bill O Reilly & Fox News used with the mass killer Andre Brevik;

The Daily Show: The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity. (05:17) ...

Note: O'Reilly declares... "Andre is not Christian as you don't kill in that faith"Yet... from Andre: "Considering the fact that my martyrdom operation draws ever closer I decided to bring one to enjoy with my extended family at our annual Christmas party in December."

So when I see stuff about "Americans trying to make sense of this tragedy" with all the evidence lying before them, it boggles my mind. Clearly we would rather blame humanity or "people" for something that can be traced to a particular "news" source and political strategy. Talk about dissociation/schizophrenia!

Americans again left to make sense of horrible tragedy Rachel Maddow looks at the number of times President Obama has had to address the nation in the wake of a horrible mass killing and the many layers of context that make these tragedies unique to the United States among all modern, developed countries.

I have been arguing for a while that the GOP's focus on racism since Nixon and especially with Fox News has begun to aggravate society into committing race based and/or hate based crimes.

The shooting in Charleston is a natural outcome of Traitor Inc.'s (GOP) political strategy to get votes. I'll prove it.

The train of logic goes something like this...

What we know:

History: Nixon chooses a racist strategy for non-whites to win votes & GOP wins & holds the South

As a result Fox News focuses on blaming black people for everything ... not to mention the fact that...

Black people are liberals & thus Nazis, i.e. GOP In A Nutshell: Outsiders are "Nazis"

SO this shooting is not just racial motivated but - I bet - it can be directly linked to the GOP media arms of Fox News & Fox Business (especially given how young the shooter was).

If you incite a violent person you can expect violence. If you incite a racist person you can expect racism. Continuous incitement will make this a habit and will increase it over time. Some racist people will have violent tendencies as with all humans. Incidents of racist people being influenced by our media to kill people should be no surprise;

This isn't the first time this has happened. Here are some other well defined instances;

NY Times Article: 
Gunman Kills 6 at a Sikh Temple Near Milwaukee (guy was a racist GOP connected fellow after Muslims whom Fox News have been smearing for a while - Sikhs are brown and wear a turban, which was enough for this guy but was still within the GOP's political strategy so it made little impact)

Muslim Killings Explained: Frank Luntz is an equal opportunity demonizer and/or saint maker (the point of this piece was the meotional manipualtion of Fox News that Frank Luntz helps with)

CNN Report: Origins Of Military Trained Domestic Terrorists In The USA

GOP rhetoric is basically pro KKK but using code words. Ex: "take our country back"

US Readies To Confront ISIS Online While The GOP Helps ISIS With It's Fox News Smear Machine

Here is a graphic example of what Fox News does when it gets caught;

Daily Show: Fox News... The 24 Hour Nazi Party...

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