Jun 4, 2015

Jon Stewart Explains Why Jeb Bush Is Lying About Not Running For President (He's Skirting Presidential Campaign Laws)


Jeb Bush's money making scheme outlined;

The Kin's Speech - Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush begrudgingly discusses how he would have handled the Iraq War, but he still refuses to admit that he's running for president. (7:29)


Megyn Kelly asks about Jeb Bushs's campaign and he claims he's not running yet;

Jon Stewart is shocked by Jeb Bush's statement and outlines all the stuff Jeb Bush has done to store money for a campaign for Prez;

OK. So with all the evidence pointing to a run for President, why is Jeb Bush lying about his candidacy Jon Stewart asks (clearly the "exploratory" part of the campaign is long over);

Turns out the answer is simple. Money and laws;

Jon Stewart summarizes the situation;

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