Jun 20, 2015

Daily Show: A Look At Elections & The Comparatively Saner Democratic Process In The UK

Looking and comparing the democracy in England there are some startling differences. No fake scandals. No wedge issues. And even though they are placing the burden of their bankers foul ups on the poor while making sure the bankers aren't touched, their democracy is functioning better than ours. Of course, they don't have a party and media channel whose sole purpose is to destabilize the country and cause conflict (with the resulting shootouts from their policies).

Uncensored - Britain's Non-Issues - Jordan Klepper attempts to infuse British politics with more inflammatory rhetoric when he learns that guns, abortion and same-sex marriage are not contested election topics. (5:03)

London Voting The U.K.'s general election leaves the country divided between wanting to leave the European Union and Scotland wanting to leave Britain. (7:57)

Democracy in the U.K. - Road to...Wait, That's Where the Prime Minister Lives? - Jordan Klepper travels to London to cover the general election and goes on a mission to show the U.K. the American way to do democracy. (5:04)

Moment of Zen - Ed Miliband and David Cameron Aired: 05/11/15 Views: 10,077 Larry Wilmore takes his show's softball game a little too seriously, and impressionist Jon Culshaw shares his imitations of the U.K.'s PM candidates on election night. (1:01)

Of course, England still has problems. Basically no one connected to Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to hold or run for office for moral and legal reasons. But then England was one of our biggest supporters when the GOP decided to mislead this nation to war with the media's help (revenge for the war for independence of 1776?)....

Not so big supporters when some of us wanted to stop Assad and the fighters in Syria from getting too extreme. But there are reasons for that, we had evidence for attacking Syria while for Iraq we had none. Clearly, it make no sense to take action when we have evidence, only when we have none.

That said, the invasion of Iraq was for oil and the 1953 coup by the CIA in Iran was for oil... for a British company to keep it's monopoly (so many people killed so a few rich people could keep their monopoly on oil!).

Oh! The fact that the poor are burdened with all the economic foul ups of the rich is normal "conservative" behavior. Apparently it's how they interpret the teachings of Jesus.

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