Jun 4, 2015

College Girl Puts Beltway Media To Shame By Rightfully Slamming Jeb Bush For Lying About ISIS NOT Being An Offshoot Of His Brothers Polices


Everyone should get the guts to confront the GOP on one of thier lies. Here we have a college girl who did just that... confront the GOP's lying probable nominee, Jeb Bush (who lies have taken on extraordinary levels and he hasn't even announced his candidacy yet... for a money scam!). Links below paint a grim but accurate picture;

The Kin's Speech- Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush begrudgingly discusses how he would have handled the Iraq War, but he still refuses to admit that he's running for president. (7:29)


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“Your brother created ISIS!”: Student confronts Jeb Bush on George W’s legacy of unrest in the Middle East Bush's inability to speak coherently about his brother's mistakes strikes again

Sorry, Jeb. Your brother did create ISIS

Student who told Jeb Bush 'Your brother created Isis' speaks out about incident 
Ivy Ziedrich challenged the likely presidential candidate after he blamed the militant group’s formation on Barack Obama for withdrawing troops from Iraq

Note: Obama was following the timetable signed into law by Bush, somehow this gets left out of all political discussion by the GOP...

Barack Obama Did Not End the War in Iraq
The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq was negotiated by the Bush administration and the Obama administration actually wanted to delay the deadline

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