May 23, 2015

The "Beltway Media" Is Covering Up The The Truth About The Iraq War Again & This Time There Is No Escaping That Fact

3. Jon Stewart Slams The Media for Continuing To Not Report Properly on The Iraq War... AGAIN!
4, As The Media Laments The Upcoming Loss Of Jon Stewart From The Daily Show, They Avoid Mentioning The Episode Of The Day Before

As the above links show, the media knows it influences public opinion (obviously) and the media has consistently avoided (& covered up) talking about any of the investigation or mysteries surrounding the Iraq War.

Since Daily Show & Rachel Maddow have been the only one pointing this out one could dismiss Jon Stewart's concerns to comedy or if you are in the beltway media then you could claim that 'the Iraq War happened a long time ago, we made mistakes and now we can learn from them'. A standard self-deception tactic. However, this tactic can no longer work as we now have the brother of George Bush running with the Traitor Ex-Presidents entire staff running with him making it clear that they intend to continue with their deceptions & wars (clearly invading Iran is on their agenda for the oil that Cheney complained about not being able to get when he was in Halliburton cause of the sanctions on Iran).

As Rachel Maddow points out in the following videos, the "beltway media" has been focused on getting poor traitor Jeb Bush to get to answer a question, he was asked, correctly. He avoided it for days and still hasn't answered it in a way that suggests he isn't lying or thinks the war was a bad idea (obviously because that wars entire planners are running with him). The media is STILL not bringing up the fact that the GOP intentionally misled us into the Iraq war OR that they are always wrong in their opinions (unless you see them as deceptions so they can get money, then they are on the money).

Iraq war lies ignored in Republican campaign coverage Rachel Maddow sets the record straight on the deliberate lies told to support the decision to go to war in Iraq, and talks with Dan Rather of AXS TV about how political coverage of "the Iraq question" is allowing Republican candidates to re-write history.

Bush stumbles raise questions of campaign competenceKathie Obradovich, political columnist for the Des Moines Register, talks with Rachel Maddow about the week's flubs by supposed Republican frontrunner, Jeb Bush, including a disastrous set of answers on Iraq and reports that he will skip Iowa entirely.

There's no point going after the GOP. They would be in prison if it weren't for the - well, it's too late to call it incompetence isn't it! so.. - treason of the media in not reporting essential facts. So the best thing to do is to focus on the media. If even a half of the information of the GOP gets out they will spend the rest of thier lives in prison or on death row. At this point, I wouldn't care if the media joined them. I doubt anyone will care what happens to the media if it all comes out either.

Iraq War Highlighted

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