May 28, 2015

Racism: A Historical Fact The GOP Like To Mis-Remember To It's Advantage (Example Of Ann Coulter & Nixon)


Here you get to see Ann Coulter make a point by covering up historical facts as part of her strategy to deceive the American people to make money...

KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE - ANN COULTER'S RACIAL REVISIONISM - Ann Coulter blames racism on Democrats while neglecting to mention the massive shift in party affiliation that took place when President Nixon was elected. (3:22)


Ann Coulter is using a common GOP strategy of mis-remembering history & facts to thier advantage. Something which Fox News specializes in.

The open hearted "non-racist" Republicans the GOP always talks about when referring to history actually switched sides after Nixon switched the Republican's political strategy to a racist one. In other words, the geographical area that supported slavery and the civil war are the Republican areas of our age but were democrat were slavery existed. Looking at it another way, the North was Republican during the civil war and during slavrey but it became Democrat when the Republicans began to move to the South...


GOP's War On Colored People OR The Case To Categorize The GOP As A Hate Group

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