May 13, 2015

Jon Stewart Purposely Proves That The GOP Is A "War Party" & Seeks To Limit Presidential Power For Peace But Seeks Unlimited Presidential Power For War


In the last post Stewart accidentally proved the GOP fought only for war... but in this one he goes all out and proves what everyone needs to know about the GOP... that it can best be described as a party geared solely towards war.

Start Wars - Congress takes issue with President Obama's tentative nuclear deal with Iran, despite their support of several violent and invasion-based executive actions. (8:49)


US Government reaches a multi-nation nuclear deal with Iran! An unprecedented step towards peace since the CIA led a coup that plunged Iran into a - no free speech - dictatorship in the 1950's;

According to the Constitution, Congress has to declare war (though currently Congress won't even have public discussions on foreign policy concerning ISIS... cause then they would have to vote on it! Which makes any remark they make on ISIS and how Obama is handling the crisis, utter hypocrisy. Yet the media presents thier views as if they were doing thier constitutional job!);

Note: I think the GOP congress is not having a debate on ISIS cause if they declare war on ISIS they the GOP itself could be indicted for treason under Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution because the GOP helped to create , fund & arm ISIS, i.e. the GOP has aided and abetted the enemy (& still are!). For some reason the media seems to think that he GOP can't be indicted as long as no war is declared (& they are right) and so they help cover for the GOP instead!

Now, note how the GOP congress reacts to two different situations;

Here is the GOP on issues concerning war, i.e. I don't want to limit the President (and by implication, any future presidency the GOP may obtain);

Just wanted to point out that Sen James Inhofe is the same guy who denies the scientifically validated claim of climate change because he found a snowball in winter. (not the other Oklahoma Senator who found an excuse not to put storm shelters after an F5 tornado, so that the next one killed several kids... still left office with honors! It's amazing what Republicans can get away with, without any accountability! All of the kid murderers - or their nominated successors - are still in office. Democrats would probably have gotten in trouble after the first tornado, while the Republicans can get away with killing kids and get nothing from it. Now that is impressive. Third world dictatorships must be learning from us)


John McCain even flip flopped on his OWN views just to oppose Obama (after Obama decided to take McCain's advice!)

On top of that John McCain gets all emotional over how a previous President made war using deceptive means! (Bill Moyers covered this constitutional breach in detail during the Reagan Presidency);

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The GOP led Congress is actually so pro war, even Obama is asking them to please restrict his powers!...

Jon Stewart sums it up;

i.e. when it comes to war, nothing is too much for the GOP.

But when it comes to peace...

In other words, GOP led Congress is pro-war to any degree and against peace in every circumstance cause peace is just so much more riskier than war (I still can't believe the GOP are allowed to run for elections when they should be in prison, especially the last GOP administration led by George Bush & Dick Cheney)...

Jon Stewart then makes fun of the anti-peace positions of the GOP and makes an analogy to illustrate it;

Here Jon Stewart illustrates that this pro-war stance is even embedded in our functioning as it is harder to win a vote for peace than it is to win a vote for war (bet they wouldn't win votes for war so easily if they were fighting real opponents, like in World War 1 or WW2, not third world countries with outdated armies and equipment that they can take over like the British did during it's colonial days)


The War Party (GOP) Exposed - Whether At Home Or Abroad, The GOP Is Always Attacking People & Diverting Resources For War

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