May 23, 2015

By Asking A Stupid Question On The Iraq War Lawrence O Donnell Proved He Isn't A Reporter & Should Be Cancelled Along With Traitor Joe

First off, when Donahue dared to oppose the war in this country of "free speech", he was fired from MSNBC. Chris Mathews even declared 'we are all neo cons now' (i.e. war mongering idiots). Joe Scarborough (AKA Traitor Joe) seems to have arrived to carry on the Fox News tradition of deceiving viewers and continues to do this to this day. Best part is that Morning Joe's "conservative" counterpart, Bill O Reilly taunts opponents by saying "Our lies get us great ratings so what's the harm". Well, the harm should be the media. Clearly, "the belt way media" is not upto the task of reporting. This post just highlights this fact while the previous one proved it.

Maddow takes on 'The Iraq Question' Lawrence O'Donnell catches Rachel Maddow off guard with the Iraq question that has had Jeb Bush spinning in circles all week. Can Maddow summon an answer?

Since poor Lawrence of Arabia here seems to think that he would have OKayed the Iraq Invasion as well 'given the information the President had', I thought I would contribute an answer to this perplexing dilemma.

First off, there is a thing called news and reporting. If Lawrence of Arabia over here would do a little research he might discover that the host he was talking to proved in a ridiculous amount of detail how the Iraq War was a pre-planned thing and it was for oil. But let's not get technical shall we. Let's keep it simple and approach this as a rhetorical exercise devoid of context, i.e. "what if you had the information you had, ignoring what we now know they were actually doing (intentionally deceiving us), how would you choose" (that question itself makes me wonder if this guy is an idiot or just a traitor). Note: I've already traced the control to ex-Bush administration board members so it's not the current Government.

But OK. Lets look at the information we had:

Bush said Saddam Hussein had WMD's. We had no proof of that just opinion pieces. Instead we were greeted with tons of fear mongering over "crystal light"(video below). Syria actually had WMD's. We even had proof of this fact for once. But there was no impetus to stamp out this threat in America or abroad. The Iraq War seems to have been brought about in the same way as the outcry over Jeb Bush's ISIS. It would happen again under GOP rule and Britain would help us. (Even the Brits throw logic, law and proof to the wind when the GOP is in charge, partly because they fear us and partly because they still have elements of the colonialists in their elite as we do in ours... the Brits were really upset over attacking Syria though, despite the actual proof this time. Incredible).

Cris-Ish in Syri-Eh - Only 29% of Americans want the U.S. to attack Syria -- which, on the plus side, means that 29% of Americans know there is a place called Syria. (5:48)

Blogger QuoteHe said that President Bush knew how to sell a war. He said that President Obama couldn’t get England with hard evidence and President Bush got the world with “Colin Powell’s reputation and a test tube of crystal light.”

Invading a country without proof and then asking what you would have done if you couldn't think anymore and were jerked around by fear to do what you were told to do (and denying it piteously) isn't something to wonder about. If China & Russia were to decide that say, "Cheney killing it's citizens on 9/11 followed by his threat of nuclear attack could spell danger for China & Russia themselves" (a logical conclusion based on scientific evidence but not the easily disprovable official word on it which the media has also not picked up on ... probably because of the lack of emails involved?) and then they invaded without even having a discussion with us... would you consider that to be the right move to make on thier part?


On "Conspiracies";

To prove a "conspiracy" as some sort of fantasy, you need a lack of evidence. What we have with the Iraq War etc. is a plethora of evidence.

Sam Richards: A radical experiment in empathy (notice how different the situation is with Syria - try the empathy exercise in the appropriate context):


Lets sweeten the pot.

Here is the reporting the reporters did once news came out that we were misled into an Iraq War (Hint: It wasn't an investigation or outcry... when this should have been like the GOP's "Benghazi" 100 times over):

What if we have a media investigation into Fox News. Lying for ratings only works if the beltway media covers up that fact. If the beltway media starts reporting on Fox News there will be a huge controversy. The whole country will get involved... and it will be glorious.

This charade has to end and it's time we ended it.

Introduction To The State Of The USA Today

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