Mar 10, 2015

TRAITORS! The Daily News Calls The GOP What They Are... TRAITORS!

GOP Senators Who Signed Treasonous Iran Letter Called “Traitors” By New York Daily News

On the cover of its Tuesday edition, the New York Daily Newsfeatured a picture of four Republican Senators with the caption “Traitors” in huge bold letters underneath in response to theletter 47 GOP Senators sent to Iran undermining President Obama’s negotiations with the country. The four Senators represented in the picture were Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). Paul and Cruz are 2016 Presidential candidates while Cotton is the freshman Senator who came up with the bright idea to write a letter to Iranian leadership informing them that any agreement reached with Obama could easily be revoked by either another President or Congress.

Accompanying the Daily News’ provocative headline was a scathing editorial calling all 47 Republicans who signed the letter “un-patriotic” and an “embarrassment to our nation.” The paper’s editorial board stated that while they aren’t in total agreement with the White House regarding the potential nuclear pact with Iran, they condemn the Republican Senate’s betrayal of the Constitution.

Talking Points MemoClinton: GOP Iran Letter Either Meant To Help Iranians Or Harm Obama

What the Republicans are trying to do is to derail a foreign policy initiative to attempt to keep the peace. IN together words, the party of rape and war wants a war. Big surprise. Only difference is now we know that sabotaging our country's attempts to avoid war is treason (it really is as if the war can be avoided and the GOP knows this and is pushing for a war they they are putting citizens lives in danger and are thus waging war on citizens - including citizen soldiers - which is treason as per article 3 section 3 of the Constitution. If we use lie detectors we can end this debate real quick and put this guys in prison... I kinda think Rand Paul is just following the lead GOP leaders lead as is to be done in the communist like hierarchy the GOP has become, however, I did warn Rand Paul not to pursue the Southern Strategy. He chose what he chose.).

Here is a previous post of mine from 2013 that makes the economics case for treason which may be a more acceptable post today now that the Republicans are revealing themselves so much:

There is so much proof of crimes of the GOP, even if they can get out of this case for treason (which is likely considering how cowardly Democrats are) there is still a ton of evidence on which the GOP politicians can be indicted;

Crimes of the GOP

A legacy of treason & sedition!

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