Mar 15, 2015

The GOP (& Fox News) Is Clearly A White Supremacist Group Acting Like Its Not

Interestingly enough, all the GOP's & Fox News's strange behavior can be traced to & explained by the fact that it's using Institutionalized Racism ... which has tied it to naturally racist groups such as the KKK ... which in turn has become it's primary base of support... so the GOP promotes basic KKK principles ...
which it is trying desperately to hide this connection as it's not socially acceptable anymore. If it wasn't trying to promote KKK policies, while trying to hide it, they would be acting differently.

(given the code talk the GOP has about racism, they clearly intend to help white supremacists "take back the country", i.e. who are they going to take the country back from? Non whites! lol!).


Lets look at the evidence;

Nixon began it;

Nixon’s bigger crime: Southern strategy 

Extract about the Nixon Administration:

Monday night, Rachel Maddow brought us a segment on audio diaries kept by H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, which were recently released by the Nixon Presidential Library. At first, we were ready for another story about the Nixon administration’s penchant for backbiting and sliminess, and there’s definitely some of that — Haldeman casually mentions that Robert Byrd’s past as a KKK member actually weighed in his favor as a possible Supreme Court nominee —

Yahoo: Study: The KKK helped Republicans win the South

In 1960, the American South mostly voted for Democratic candidates and was solidly Democratic at the congressional level. By 2000, it was solidly Republican in presidential politics and mostly Republican at the congressional level. The transformation, clearly, had something to do with race and the Civil Rights Movement. But a provocative new paper suggests that Ku Klux Klan activity — as opposed to the broader phenomenon of racism — played a small but meaningful role in the process. Counties with more Klan activity saw a more dramatic shift toward the GOP, a shift that stands up to a range of reasonable statistical controls and suggests that the Klan was really a difference maker.

Same article on other unrelated news sites (compared to the fact that Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, Down Jones, National Geographic, etc):

Educating Republicans: Why You Can’t Spell KKK Without the Letters G-O-P
How the KKK Helped Create the Solid GOP SouthResearchers present evidence that the Klan, in the 1960s, effectively moved working-class Southern whites into the Republican column.


Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise addressed racist group in 2002 - Steve Kornacki reports on what is known so far about the revelation that Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise accepted an invitation to speak to a white supremacist group run by former KKK grand wizard David Duke in 2002.


Former KKK Leader David Duke Threatens GOP Pols: Go After Scalise and I Will Out You As My Friend

GOP manages political fallout of Scalise speech to racist group - Frank Thorp, NBC News Capitol Hill producer, talks with Steve Kornacki about the political fallout over the discovery that Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise gave a speech to a racist group led by David Duke in 2002.

David Duke Threatens To Expose Other Politicians With White Supremacist Ties

Self-preservation a likely factor for Boehner in backing Scalise - Ed O’Keefe, congressional reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Steve Kornacki about the internal Republican politics that John Boehner may have taken into account in backing Rep. Steve Scalise through his white supremacist group address scandal.

It's David Duke's Party Now: How the Former Klan Leader Reshaped the Republican Grassroots

Bill O Reilly plays defense: 

O'Reilly Hosts Former KKK Leader David Duke To Defend GOP Rep. For Speaking To White Supremacist Group - O'Reilly: "Don't Sit Here And Tell Me ... Your Organization Isn't Looking Out For The White European Race" (i.e. the guy who argues a war on whites and can't understand or accept what white privilege is... sounds like he's stupid or playing stupid while trying to sound smart)


GOP's rhetoric on Immigration is straight from the KKK!

2. Rachel Maddow: How GOP's influencers push for another shutdown over Obama's immigration plan

3. Articles: Morning Maddow: Here’s How A White Supremacist Set The GOP’s Immigration Policy (Video) & Maddow: White supremacist views still ruling GOP policy on immigration

4. The GOP’s noticeable absences in Selma
On the other hand, Republican leaders declined to participate in the Lincoln Memorial event in 2013; they’ve declined invitations to Selma; they had no public concerns after learning Steve Scalise attended a white-supremacist event; they’re slow walking the first African-American woman to ever be nominated as Attorney General; and they’re blocking a proposed bipartisan fix to the Voting Rights Act while their brethren at the state level impose new voting restrictions that disproportionately affect people of color.

Pro-KKK Billboard Goes Up In Selma, Lone GOP Leader Will Make The Trip Connected?

5. Transcript extract - Nov 2014

John McCain was pledging, basically, that if he were president, the
United States would act as if we were Georgia. We, America, would go to
war with Russia on behalf of this other country.
And at the time that John McCain presidential candidate was pledging a
war with Russia because we are all Georgians now, at the time that he was
doing that, the lobbying firm of his top foreign policy adviser Randy
Scheunemann had just been hired and put on the payroll by the nation of
Georgia. That`s the one time you might remember Randy Scheunemann. The
guy whose lobbying fee is very easily -- might have gotten the United
States military into a shooting war with Russia.
But McCain did not win the presidency and Randy Scheunemann went back
to a standard Washington foreign policy guy. And you don`t hear much about
him anymore. You haven`t heard much about him since then -- until this
Until this week, a really, really weird story about Randy Scheunemann
was broken by "The Daily Beast". It turns out, Randy Scheunemann belongs
to a private skiing club in Montana. I did not know there was such a thing
as a private skiing club. I thought like, you know, you buy a lift ticket,
then you go ski on a mountain with other people who are skiing on the
mountain and that`s skiing.
I -- apparently, there are places you can do it privately without the
riffraff and Randy Scheunemann apparently belongs to one of those. And on
the ski left, at his private skiing lift, "The Daily Beast" and a number of
other outlets now report that Randy Scheunemann got into a fight. He got
into a fight on the ski lift with a white supremacist, specifically with
this guy, who is sort of America`s foremost white supremacist.
This is a guy named Richard Spencer. He was recently forcibly
deported from Budapest when he tried to organize and international white
supremacist conference and the nation of Hungary caught him trying to sneak
into their country even though they had banned him. He calls for the
creation of a white homeland. He runs an organization called the National
Policy Institute, to try to advance the goal of a white homeland. His
group is based in Whitefish, Montana.
He`s also founded a few online white supremacist magazines and Web
sites, including this one which is called Alternative Right.
And apparently making a career as a white supremacist leader these
days is a pretty remunerative thing. At least the dude is making enough
money to belong to the same private ski club that Randy Scheunemann does in
Montana. Who even knew there were private ski clubs? Anyway, there are.
And apparently, the two of them got on a fight on the ski lift.
Insults were exchanged, punches were threatened. And the reason it 
all broke in the news this week is that private ski club in Montana, it`s 
called the Big Mountain Club, they apparently in this fight between two of 
their members felt they had to decide between them, which of these two guys 
was going to be allowed to stay as a member of their private ski club. 
Randy Scheunemann, Washington policy adviser guy, adviser to John McCain, 
or the Aryan Nation white supremacist guy who is trying to build a homeland 
for the endangered white race from his home base in Montana.
The Big Mountain Club in Whitefish, Montana, decided they`d go with 
the white supremacist. They kicked Randy Scheunemann out and kept the Ku 
Klux other guy, yes!

Interesting Rick Perry links;
It 'could come back to haunt him': Rick Perry's alleged ties to 'demon seeing' and KKK-linked religious leader could derail campaign

Read more:
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For Perry, Texas Roots Include Racial Backdrop

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who often waxes nostalgic about his small-town roots, grew up in an almost all-white rural area where many referred to slingshots as “niggershooters.” One elderly black resident recalls being introduced by her boss at a party decades back as “my maid, Nigger Mae Lou,” while just four years ago, a black high school student found a noose in his locker.
In 1968, Mr. Perry left home for Texas A&M, a deeply conservative university whose yearbooks early in the century included Ku Klux Klan-robed students and a dairy group called the Kream and Kow Klub. The school, having just graduated its first two black undergraduates, was in the early throes of desegregation; at the end of Mr. Perry’s four years there, blacks still made up less than 1 percent of the student body.
By the time he inherited the governorship from George W. Bush in 2000, Mr. Perry appeared to have moved well beyond his racially sheltered background.

Lifting the Hood Off Rick Perry: Was His Family In The Ku Klux Klan?

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