Mar 29, 2015

The Economic Recovery Under Barack Obama Using Basic Arithmetic That Bill Clinton Used As Well


IN 2009 I supported the idea of stimulus and too big to fail. On too big to fail it was on the understanding that the whole structure not existing could be problematic since our financial system has evolved around it and that the treasury department was going to reduce the too big to fail problem (which hasn't materialized)... also, that measures would be taken that this problem couldn't occur again (which the GOP seems to be working against). On the stimulus I was supporting it on basic economics and mathematics from years of proven theory applied to the real world (Ron Paul's opposition to this seems to be on a 1930's theory of digging holes and filling them up again which is like talking about telegraph in the age of cell phones, i.e. we can have people do real jobs to make money so the argument is invalid in our day & age... well, unless the GOP finds a way to spend money on useless money consuming endeavors). The GOP has been arguing that craziest of ideas for the longest time even going as far as to say spending is bad on everything EXCEPT war!

At 1:15: FoxNews pushes the belief that spending is bad EXCEPT when done for war!

So opposing the GOP on basic economics that I've known since the 10th grade (I did economics in a British system) was a no-brainer. Even now, despite all the proof to the contrary on both GOP economics and financial regulation, the GOP is pushing the same old policies that we know don't work. Obama hasn't proven this. Clinton did in the 1990's. Obama simply repeated those results. Problem is Bush destroyed the economy so bad with it's financial collapse and unregulated war spending classified as "emergency spending" that it took allot longer for Obama to dig us out of the economic hole then it should have (also, the stimulus was too small for the size of our economy, basic arithmetic).

SO the fact that the economy is improving and will continue to improve should be no surprise to any economist. It's only the "ideologues" who are constantly surprised and in denial when not just completely misinformed but too emotionally involved in thier misinformation to care about the truth anymore (they just can't handle the truth).

A look at the economic progress we have made since the Bush Administration collapsed the economy in 2008. Links above outline that background i.e. what actions led to the financial collapse.

Report: 295k jobs added in February - Jobs have been added at a blistering pace in February: The latest jobs report says 295,000 jobs were added to the economy last month, while unemployment dipped to 5.5 percent. Rep. Jim McDermott and Austan Goolsbee weigh in.


More news reports;

The Obama economic recovery - More than 3 million workers in this country are starting the year off with a raise. And people will have more money in their wallets as gas prices continue to fall. Rev. Sharpton talks Jared Bernstein and Maria Teresa Kumar about economic growth.

An increase in minimum wage will boost the economy in relation to whatever multiplier effect we have, i.e. it will help not hinder economic progress if progressive economics is what you want. If you want to back to when we had a smaller economy, which seems to be the conservative agenda, be prepared to go through another great depression to get there. 

Political games in Congress deepen Americans' disdain for government - Rachel Maddow points out the results of a recent survey finding many Americans unhappy with how the government is performing, and talks with Senator Chuck Schumer about why the nomination of Loretta Lynch is being held hostage for an unrelated bill.

Basic Economics & Civics Highlighted

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