Mar 24, 2015

The Daily Show Completely Exposes Fox News As Hypocrites On Benghazi & Ferguson


The Daily Show smashes Fox News on Ferguson & Benghazi Deceptions;

Mighty Morphin Position Changers - Fox News fails to provide coverage of the Department of Justice report that revealed widespread systemic racism in the Ferguson police department. (9:12)

The Story;

Fox News has been going on and on about how the protesters had an inaccurate slogan for thier protest on unequal police brutality toward black people. I thought I missed thier discussion on the second report on Ferguson given I can barely watch that channel without getting angry over all thier lies (it seems to be thier elections strategy! Boy, have I got words for that strategy and the people who allow it to be implemented).

In any case, Jon Stewart caught Fox News's cover up of the second part of the Ferguson Report and did this segment which proves that Fox News is lying to such an extent that there is really no reason to go after Fox News in any way from this point on... unless it's indicting them or suing them for lying and betraying teh trust of thier viewers and the American people.

OK. lets, begin;

Jon Stewart points out that the second DOJ report on Ferguson points out constitutional violations (i.e. outright racism) by the Ferguson police department that set the stage for the police to take up violent positions towards it's wards;

Fox News only had one report on it despite it being a 24 hour "news" channel;

Seems like Fox News is more interested in opposing the protesters despite the emotional validity of thier protests, i.e. the racist policies of the Ferguson police department had already pushed the community to the breaking point;

It seems Fox news's main goals involve getting the protesters to get violent.

In any case, Fox News's continuous cry has been that Wilson is exonerated while ignoring the fact that the police department's policies is what probably pushed Wilson over the edge to begin with, so, technically, Wilson was exonerated by indicting the behavior of the police department instead.

The following hypocritical statements by Fox News anchors is what The Daily Show catches them on now;

Jon Stewart explains;

After stating the moral question Jon Stewart gets ready to destroy Fox News;

Now there are clips of Fox News anchors repeating the word Benghazi (it's a heavily anchored word to years of repetitive rhetoric using the Southern Strategy to try and convince people there there is a scandal here despite the lack of evidence... the strategy seems to be "the black guy is up to something" a very effective racist tactic). The goal here is to simply connect the two incidents together using basic anchoring procedures from hypnosis & NLP so that people will believe that Ferguson is as big as a scandal as their fake Benghazi scandal around which there is a ton of fear based beliefs;

Jon Stewart points out that saying the word "Benghazi" three times isn't a magic word not realizing that Fox News is using a basic hypnosis technique normally used in therapy to anchor two good feelings together for self improvement;

Now Stewart gets ready to slam Fox News on thier Benghazi hypocrisy;

Daily Show now begins it's proof that Fox News was out there stoking fear and dividing the nation over issues that hadn't even been investigated yet (come to think of it... if Fox News didn't stoke fear all the time thier 9/11 betrayal would come out pretty fast);

Now, Jon Stewart summarizes the accusations that Fox News anchors have made;

Now, Jon Stewart points out the imagery Fox News used to instill fear in thier viewers so they would panic;

Jon catches Fox News here with thier "we have unanswered questions" lie, i.e. if they have unanswered questions... when the Benghazi report comes out they should be very happy;

At the end of this part, Jon Stewart reminds us of hos Megyn Kelly uses her inflections to lie, i.e.;

Here is that part where Fox News gets seriously smashed for not even acknowledging the report on Benghazi by thier own party dominated house because it doesn't fit thier false narrative... here is where the break between the GOP & Rupert Murdoch begins to appear, i.e. Rupert Murdoch seems to ignore and coverup narratives that don't fit his agenda. GOP politicians don't seem to care as of this posting;

Fox News questions on Benghazi answered (listed by Jon Stewart with side by side image of the person who said it);

Stewart asks why Fox News isn't apologizing for it's lies, er, I mean "mistakes;

Following the Republican led house report on Benghazi... Fox News said nothing! I complete coverup (also called a "media blackout"):

Megyn Kelly even had the chair of the Benghazi report on her show and avoided asking any of her "unanswered questions";

Finally, Jon Sewart totally smashes Fox News on thier Benghazi hypocrisy;

In conclusion Fox News isn't a news channel but a propaganda channel that covers up news that doesn't fit it's narrative. There is enough evidence to sue them for lying... especially since thier rhetoric gets people killed on a regular basis (i.e. opens them up to civil suits as well... it's probably why Rupert Murdoch split his company, to protect other parts from his treason).

Related proofs that seal the case for taking Fox News and all of Rupert Murdoch's assets off air.

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