Mar 24, 2015

The Case For Ending Foreign Aid To Israel (One Of The Richest Countries In The World)


This is a conglomeration of a couple of old posts on the matter. The hypocrisy of giving a ton of aid to a country engaged in a systematic takeover of occupied lands like we did with the Native Americans is just too much.

It is one thing to not interfere with Israel's internal and international affairs... it is another thing to fund it especially when they are running an apartheid. We didn't tolerate apartheid when it was South Africa, why tolerate it with Israel? Cause it's our ally? That's crazy talk. If our allies commit genocide and use lying as a primary technique when talking to us or our citizens... what does that say about us? The truth, perhaps.

Keep in mind when reading this post that Israel is ranked 19th out of 187 nations and has a strong modern economy. In other words, Israel may be a strong country but it is also a rich country with one of the most powerful (if not THE most powerful) military in the middle east. The fact the we give Israel the most aid cant be right. It defies logic. Now its 'we are giving aid to a rich nation that has not just been giving lip service to a cause for which we have given them money AND we know they are lying to us and committing murder cause thier religious scripture tells them to as it's "thier land"'. {Besides the whole ridiculousness of having a non-native "jewish" population being cruel towards native people based on mythological texts, i.e. the Bible, that probably wasn't from thier people to begin with given how many people change religions to avoid wars (there were white kingdoms in the Caucasus region with people who have big noses). The whole situation is just crazy. Makes it real.}

If the land doesn't belong to someone but they build houses on it then there will be problems. Given the length of time this has gone on for I think it's time to accept that Israel intends to annex all of "Palestine" so when dealing with the Israel-Palestine/Gaza conflict, this is something we should keep in mind. At this point just being allowed to live in piece on what little land they have would probably be enough for most Palestinians is presented properly (i.e. basic human rights, that we previously denied to our own Natives, apply here. Lets not repeat the same mistake and fund atrocities on par with Genocide as we, as a country, will simply have more innocent blood on our hands).

Note; As it is I don't support foreign aid for anyone as we tend to fund dictators and thieves. But Occupation and Genocide? This is crazy1

The sort of opposition we have to the blatant lies told to us by the Israeli Government THAT WE FUND. Is ridiculous (see list of articles of Israeli propaganda allowed on our - GOP owned - corporate media below that create a fantasy story that is separate from reality and though not illegal - as per Supreme Court Edict - it should be as it influences our nations decision making and continuous lies will only help us make bad decisions)

Moment Of Zen: Joe Biden punishes Israel for its plans to build more settlements by showing up late to dinner with Prime Minister Netanyahu. 
List of relevant articles covering important information the corporate media has failed to cover (yet again):

The Media's Pro-Israel Bias: Why Does TV News Look Like a Netanyahu Ad?
No one is asking the Israeli officials parading across the screen the hard questions.

What You Wouldn't Know About About Israel and Gaza If You Read the New York Times
How the paper protects its readers from the brutal reality.

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Why does the mainstream media keep repeating these false claims?

WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Israeli Criticism of Kerry: 'What The F*ck?'
Watch Stewart's shocked reaction.

Israel's Control of Palestinian Lives Must Be Exposed in Current Grossly Unequal Conflict
My pet cat here in Gaza has more freedom than the Palestinians, such is the subhuman treatment meted out to them.

'I Cried as I Took Notes,' Reporter on Gaza's Child Victims
AFP Middle East correspondent: "I've seen dead children before, but never like during this war in Gaza. Never so many, never so often."

6 Biggest Myths About Israeli Assault on Gaza, Debunked
Why this fight now? Who started it? What happened with the kidnapped Israeli teens? Getting to the bottom of myths.

Debunked: The Mendacious Propaganda Israel is Pushing to Justify Its War On Gaza
It was Israel that initiated the assault on Gaza--not the Palestinians.

Israel's Crazy Doctrine for Justifying Deaths of Over 1,000 Gazans
The worsening of life for people in Gaza is a deliberate goal of the Israeli military.

7 Best Jon Stewart Clips on Israel
With his brand of cutting insight, the 'Daily Show' host offers his take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How the US Willingly Blew a Chance to Prevent More Wars in Gaza
On July 20, at least 90 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in the Gaza City neighborhood of Shejaiya. Days later, former Israeli soldier Eran Efrati was arrested by Israel after he posted details about the massacre based on interviews he conducted with Israeli soldiers who were there. Today he speaks out about what he learned and talks about the killing of 23-year-old Salem Khaleel Shamaly. Activists with the International Solidarity Movement posted a video on YouTube showing the fatal shooting of an unarmed Palestinian civilian during the massacre. Family members later stumbled onto the video and identified the man as Shamaly. In the video, Shamaly is seen lying on the ground, apparently wounded by an unseen sniper. As Shamaly tries to get to his feet, two more shots ring out, and he stops moving. Efrati interviewed three of the Israeli soldiers who witnessed the killing of Salem Khaleel Shamaly. His sources within the Israeli Defense Forces reportedly informed him soldiers were deliberately targeting civilians as "punishment" and "retribution" for the deaths of fellow soldiers in their units. Efrati is a former Israeli combat soldier turned anti-occupation activist and investigative researcher.
Part two of our conversation with Eran Efrati, a former Israeli combat soldier turned anti-occupation activist. He recently interviewed several Israeli soldiers who participated in the Shejaiya massacre in Gaza. Later this month, Efrati will testify at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels.
"When a white army battles Indians and wins, it is called a great victory, but if they lose it is called a massacre." - Chiksika, Shawnee

Introduction to the current state of the Israel - Gaza "debate:...

Jon tries to have a calm discussion about Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip;
Some people would argue that people shouldn't use words such as Genocide for what Israel is doing. A person might respond 'Read the constitution' (1st Amendment). Which I agree with but the point isn't the RIGHT to use the word Genocide but whether use of this word is accurate or not.

If Israel was NOT occupying the land AND was working towards a peace settlement and were JUST responding to provocation then that is one thing, but by occupying the people & keeping them imprisoned and legally unarmed (allowing only terrorists access to weapons through smuggling) while continuously building settlements ... what they are pursuing is a policy of restriction, like we did with the Native Americans sending them to "reservations", Genocide will, ultimately, be the result. You can't restrict a people build settlements, kill their families and not expect a backlash to which you respond by killing even more people. We already did this with the Native Americans and nowadays seeing a full blooded Native is like being at a zoo. What we did was Genocide. What the Israelis are doing is following in our footsteps and what we are doing is funding them making us, at least partly, responsible to the Genocide of a people which is stretching out of decades as outright massacres seemed to be frowned upon.

Well, frowned upon till recently. With the GOP's media clout the Israeli's have managed to get away with massacres more and more frequently. At the very least we should revoke aid to Israel in protest of thier actions.

Note 1: There are a few individuals in the media that have integrity and, apparently, the freedom to report a large chuck of the events unfolding around us. But these few exceptions simply prove the rule. A few voices here and there can be drowned out (& often is) in a cacophony of voices parroting the weeks talking points.

Note 2: None of these people of integrity are on Fox News. Half truths can be just as harmful as outright lies.

Note 3: There may be more going on than meets the eye... George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ
Satirical Expose Of The Pushback From The Neo-Con Media Channel (Fox News): The Conflict Over Covering the Conflict in Gaza - Members of the media face accusations of bias from both sides of the Israel-Palestine debate, prompting a group to create a glossary of words for reporters to avoid. (6:04)... 

It probably began withRonald Reagan's executive order (12333) allowing the NSA to collect whatever information it likes which we learned about more recently under Obama with Snowden's "betrayal" which revealed nothing that any political historian didn't already know. Whatever actions were taken in the 1980's forever altered the landscape of American Democracy. FromReagan's criminal subterfuge to his funding death squads in South America (GOP sponsored Genocide), the Constitution was shattered and this was more or less, left uncovered by the media, betraying it's trust of the public, doing what it is specifically NOT supposed to do, i.e.believing the words of politicians while ignoring their actions. By the time Bill Clinton came along the GOP conservatives had destroyed the constitution and were busy unraveling allregulations that could restrict powerful and rich people from stealing and getting away with it. Bill Clinton took part in this by the advice by his master Alan Greenspan who was smart enough to be out of office when the results of his actions began to take proper effect.

To increase the level of their betrayal the GOP created Fox News to be their propaganda tool. They also consolidated all mainstream media channels by putting GOP members (even actual Senators! Making the creation of news for public consumption and 'doing the American peoples will' a joke) on it's board circumventing anti-monopoly laws (Links: CNN's parent company board - MSNBC seems to just have a plant or two or three), with conservatives posing as liberals and by silencing anti-GOP policy positions where appropriate (done under the GOP administration). The most interesting result of this manipulation is that although acts are being committed with the acceptance with approximately 50-65% of the population, this implicit permission of the people would not exist if the truth were told. Thus we are witnesses to the spectacle of the very rich thieves who are in a sort of public acceptance that the US is a sort of Oligarchy that takes actions for selfish interests and that's OK (all those of a tyrannical mind think like this due to a lack of empathy). So we get little treats of what the "upper echelons"  of society think when people like Alan Greenspan come out and say bluntly, in a carefully outline autobiography, that the Iraq Invasion was for oil. After he wrote, checked, printed and marketed his autobiography his allies - Dick Cheney & the Neo Cons - made him retract his statement (kinda)... and THAT is good news. Although these people are intentionally stealing and/or profiteering using the armed forces, they can't get away with it if the truth comes out. Right now the GOP are hanging on by a thread with their entire strategy relying on the fact that they have createda cult of people who only listen to their media outlets. If that changes they are done for in a bad way. (Ironically, because of their tendency to believe thier leaders like preachers, the people who are religious and are most concerned with truth and honesty are also the worst citizens for a Democracy to have because of how easily thier leaders can manipulate them. Deep religious fervor in politics & genocide seem to go hand and hand. A little skepticism can go a long way.)
Anyways, right now the neo-cons have created such an alternate reality from what's on the ground in Israel and Gaza that we are literally funding an occupation of an innocent majority for the actions of a few which Israel itself have created with their policy of settlement. The outcome of such a policy is JUST Genocide nothing else. We have out own damn history to prove this, for gods sake! 

Israel Highlighted

Fox News Highlighted

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