Mar 11, 2015

Rachel Maddow Slams Bill O Reilly AND Fox News For Lying For Ratings


Fox News ducks falsehoods problem with ratings boast - Rachel Maddow points out that Bill O'Reilly and his network, Fox News, have not substantively addressed a series of falsehoods by Mr. O'Reilly and instead appear to be trying to distract from their credibility problem with ratings non sequiturs. Duration: 8:11

Bill accidentally points out that Hillary was not in violation of the rule when she started making this a democrat problem not a GOP one (as Judge Napolitano hypocrisy clearly proves).

This is because Bill O Reilly is a liar.

More lies.

The first defense these liars have when exposed is to double down.

Turns out Bill O Reilly has been lying allot. No big surprise. I have a whole website devoted to him.

Clearly they believe making money by lying means lying is OK. Republican capitalism at work.

Rachel slams O Reilly;

Fox News's Basic Strategy: To Lie For Ratings:

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