Mar 11, 2015

Rachel Maddow Defends Reporters From Bill O Reilly's Threats For Exposing His Lies


    News Article that stirred up all the trouble;

    Mother Jones: Bill O'Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem: The Fox News host has said he was in a "war zone" that apparently no American correspondent reached.


    Bill O'Reilly threats against reporters indefensible - Rachel Maddow excoriates Bill O'Reilly and Fox News for taking his bombast to the point of directly threatening reporters for reporting, and highlights the recent series of revelations about uncorrected false claims O'Reilly has made on Fox News. 

    David Corn on being threatened by Bill O'Reilly - David Corn, D.C. bureau chief for Mother Jones, talks with Rachel Maddow about being threatened by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly by being placed in his "kill zone" and the Fox News host's strategy of arguing with bombast instead of facts.

    I Smash The #1 Show On Cable News (Bill O Reilly)

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