Mar 21, 2015

One Of The Things The GOP Mocked Iran On Was Not Understanding Our Constitution Cause They Didn't Know Our Senators & Congress-people Are Like Dictators!

It's quite funny that one of the things the GOP is proud of is the fact that it is practically elected for life like dictators. Of course, GOP did some electoral rigging of their own to ensure their reign of terror. In any case this post outlines their lack of integrity that became apparent even in the threatening letter to Iran designed to stop the peace process.

The Daily Show Expose;

Under Miner - Senate Republicans sidestep Barack Obama and send a letter to Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warning him not to strike a nuclear deal with the president. (7:44)

Jon Stewart points out the most important thing about the threatening letting the GOP sent to Iran to interfere with negotiations... that the GOP threatened the Iranians that they couldn't understand our Constitutional system where we can change any agreements cause 'we never leave office'! (basically telling a dictatorship that we are a dictatorship);

What they are talking about is their historically high incumbency rates which pretty much keeps the same Senators & Congressmen (generally speaking) for a generation like Dictators. The GOP has even rigged it's districts to make it even harder to dethrone them. (BTW, the Bush family line of Presidents began with a dictator like Senator, i.e. the first President Bush's father). 

Worst part is that all the politicians are bought and they don't wear thier buyers on thier suits so most people have no idea who they really represent;

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