Mar 12, 2015

Larry Wilmore On Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott Banning The Word "Climate Change" & It's Free Speech Implications

TONIGHTLY - Florida Governor Rick Scott makes it more difficult to discuss climate change, and a Twitter user gets under Larry's skin. (0:42)

WORD POLICE & KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE - Florida Governor Rick Scott forbids some state officials from using the term "climate change," and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg campaigns against the word "bossy." (6:49)

PANEL - BANNING WORDS - Larry sits down with Lizz Winstead, Maz Jobrani, John Avlon and Nick Di Paolo to debate the wisdom of banishing potentially offensive words. (7:23)

PANEL - BANNING WORDS - SLURS UP - Lizz Winstead, Maz Jobrani, John Avlon and Nick DiPaolo ask yes-or-no questions to determine which offensive slur has been attached to their hats. (5:49)

Note: Free Speech is one thing, tilting a debate to NOT reflect true free speech on scientists on Climate Change is what Fox News is doing. John Oliver explains;

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Climate Change Debate (HBO)

News: Survey finds 97% of climate science papers agree warming is man-made

Climate Change Highlighted

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