Mar 1, 2015

Jon Stewart Slams The Media for Continuing To Not Report Properly on The Iraq War... AGAIN!

Background - Jon Stewart Slamming The Media Over Iraq Again & Again:

Clear Proof That MSNBC Didn't Cover The Iraq War As A Media Should (Same Goes for CNN & Fox News)

With the media frenzy over lies by Brian Williams and Bill O Reilly Jon Stewart wonders why this sort of frenzy over exposing lies hasn't hit the Iraq War story yet. God knows there is enough evidence for a hardcore public outcry. 

Raging Bill - Fox News's Bill O'Reilly draws criticism for his past war reporting, and intelligence suggests that Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu misled the U.N. about Iran's nuclear program. (7:13)

Here is Jon Stewart Slamming The Media On the Iraq War Yet Again (in his words words);

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