Mar 21, 2015

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Netanyahu For Pulling A Mitt Romney By Revealing His Core Beliefs


Oy Voted - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wins re-election but fails to receive a congratulatory phone call from President Barack Obama. (5:59)

What Netanyahu did was reveal what his actions had already proven, that he doesn't stand for a 2 State Solution;

Netanyahu basically said there will never be a Palestine as he will never support a 2 State Solution;

Jon Stewart points out that Netanyahu has become an extremist (which is another word for a fundamentalist). Religious extremism is the main reason for opposing a 2 state solution (people think the ancient texts apply to the present);

Also, interestingly enough, Netanyahu used an Israeli version of the GOP's Southern Strategy;

Jon Stewart points out that Netanyahu is using a GOP-Republican technique, i.e. "That's our thing";

The results of a racist strategy for short-term benefit (being employed over 40 years which has it's own disadvantages to society in general but beneficial for white supremacist types) is that the core of America and it's Southern slavery era regions are all firmly in the GOP-Republican camp;

Then Netanyahu tries to pretend as if never said what he said;

Jon Stewart isn't fooled. He knows what just happened. Netanyahu revealed his core beliefs;

Jon Stewart reminds us that what Netanyahu just did is what happened with Mitt Romney when he was recorded telling a group of rich, private donors what he really thought of most Americans;

Then Jon Stewart makes fun of Mitt Romney in a way that suggests Mitt Romney is lying and that this same logic of cause and effect should apply to Netanyahu as well;

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