Mar 15, 2015

Jon Stewart Demonstrates How Megyn Kelly Uses Inflection To Alter The Meaning Of A Report

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Chants & To Catch a Prejudice - A video surfaces of fraternity members from the University of Oklahoma chanting racial slurs on a bus, sparking a discussion about the effects of racism in the U.S. (9:44)

Megyn Kelly here tries to explain away the racism of the police department of Ferguson (as per party & channel policy, i.e. defend racist people from being labeled correctly):

Here is a segment of her change in emphasis tactic to influence and con her viewers (i.e. those viewers who aren't outright racists & white supremacists):

Here is Jon Stewart explaining that if she just changed how she was saying her words (her emphasis & inflections) then she would be actually telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth;


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